Monday, April 06, 2015


From Album 5
So, Jeb thought he could pass as Hispanic, at least for voting purposes...


  1. Glad you had a decent weekend. Oh man, getting stuck on that portion of I-10 has to be frustrating as hell. I find it a fascinating drive, just wish there were more places to pull over and take some photos of that area. Of course if I had the money, I'd be able to rent a ride on a helicopter and get some really great shots. Or, maybe rent a ride on a nice small boat and get some even better shots of that area. Maybe in my net life, assuming I'll be reincarnated as a human who likes to shoot photos.
    Oh what these pander bear politicians will do for a vote or three. I liked the one comment on the linked article, Hispanic by marriage. Yeah, whatever works for the pander bears I suppose.
    It just shows that from old Prescott Bush on down, that entire family lies, like a cheap rug, all over the place. Well, at least Jeb does not mangle the English language like W. did/does. Hey, wait a minute, I said the same thing about our (ig)Nobel piece prizident. Oh well, politics 'Merikkkan style.
    Well, have a good week, don't work too hard. Oh an extra ear rub and a treat for Mr. Tigger.

  2. Well, a good busy for me today -- when there's stuff to be done, and they ask me to do it, it hopefully counts as some measure of job security. So...good. Also got a USB drive to work as a boot device, which is actually kind of small potatoes, but we'd previously stayed with DVDs...the USB is a minor improvement.

    As for Jeb...hahaha. Actually, I almost wrote something about not really caring too much if Jeb wants to identify as Hispanic, intentionally or not. His wife is Hispanic (from Mexico, I think), his kids look Hispanic/Latino...and it that'll at least throw the wingnuts in a loop, then good. Let them go dizzy in confusion.

    Of course, Jeb/Heb will eventually go full wingnut on the issue, just like any would be Rethug nominee. Also good: the Dems aren't much better, but lesser-of-evils is still lesser...still evil, of course, but limited options are the rule, not the exception in our "democracy."

    As for the bridge, well, part of me doesn't mind it, but I'm pretty strict about watching the road when I'm in the driver's seat. Once I did a swamp tour while hosting an out-of-town guest, and it was surprisingly nice...yes, touristy, but in the swamp, I'm a tourist, too. The operator knew his stuff, for which I was very grateful.

    Well, time to get to the evening over here. I'll tell Tigger his treat is courtesy of yourself...