Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Is Satan Hiding In Your Thrift Stores?

From Album 5
Pat Robertson finds the idea...plausible. And to think he was once considered a serious (well, by Repug standards) candidate for high office. Christ...on a cracker.


  1. OK, this finally proves my point of some years back. Pat is now totally senile. No, don't even bring up Alzheimer's, that is letting him off too easy. He is bucking cuts, period. This is what too much religion does to a human mind, turns it into mush or worse. Well, we shop at second hand stores and have yet to pray over any of the items we have bought at any of them. Oh no! Our apartment may be infected with demons! If only they didn't charge such a high cost to have a cat or three. Cats are great for keeping demons from your home. Hey, it sounds good to me, might start a new internet rumor that cats will keep demons away from your home. End result, more people get to enjoy the company of cats, also fewer homeless cats.
    Oh well, it was worth a shot.
    Try to stay dry. Oh, hope you catch the mouse/rat and send it back to the capitol building where it belongs. Yes, I was trying to be sarcastic there.

  2. Haha on the cats...keep demons away? Maybe...but definitely keep mice out...and possibly rats. Speaking of, maybe it did head back to the Capitol where it'd be more at home, or maybe not, but didn't see it today. In fact, I haven't seen it at all, but am pretty sure I heard it yesterday scratching around above the ceiling tiles. Well...better than wandering through the cubicles, I guess.

    As for second hand shops, nope, won't pray either...if it's clothing, though, probably give it a run through the washer.

    More seriously, a responsible press would instantly point out that Robertson is...nuts. The fact they don't demonstrates how cowed they are: so afraid the lunatics will berate them for being "librul" that they'll allow utterly stupid statements like this to go out unchallenged. That's not journalism. That's stenography.

    Anyway, the rain held off over here for the most part today. We'll see how it goes tomorrow and over the weekend. Hope the next couple of days go at least ok for you...