Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Key Architect

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Fish gotta swim, etc., and Rummy's gotta be one of the biggest clods in history. Hiring Feith was probably in no small measure because literally anyone looks at least kind of good in comparison.


  1. Ah yes, old Rummy. The rat bastard. Oh, so "nice" of you to mention his best bud, the idiot Feith as well. The one good thing Tommy Franks did do was to call him what is was/is; "the fucking stupidest guy on the face of the earth". And yet, some 'Merikkkans still cannot understand why the Iraq war/occupation went so badly. You know without the tiniest shred of any possible doubt how correct Franks was when you have hard core, nut ball crazy types like the AEI (American Enterprise Institute) say he was the wrong guy, but added, for the right war. Yeah, when even the far Reich wing of the elephant gang is very, very critical of you, well, then sir, you truly HAVE fucked up and earned the title of the "stupidest fucking guy on the face of the earth".
    This is just old me, being a bit nasty/mean (I am after all an old heathen) I really think that needs to be ingrained on the tombstone of old Feith after he is buried. Yes, I realize some may think I am taking it to extremes, but damn him and his bosses, all the way to Mr. 5 Deferments and the sock puppet W. Shrub. Not any of them ever were in combat, but they were and still are so quick to send the young people from the working class and poor of this country off to fight some damn fool, useless, idiotic war of choice. All for the obscene profits they and their very, very rich friends will make from said wars.
    It is long overdo for every decent person in this country to stand up and shout at the tops of their lungs; ENOUGH! Enough of these goddamn useless wars of choice. No more war!
    I know I am repeating myself here, but here goes any who. General Smedley Butler, who was awarded the Medal of Honor TWICE and had served for 33+ years as a US Marine Corps officer said in his short booklet "War is a racket" that there are ONLY two reasons for war. 1) to defend OUR homes, 2) to defend the Bill of Rights. ALL other excuses for war are a damn racket. He didn't say damn racket, just racket. I had to add my personal touch there.
    As a nation, as human beings, the majority of Americans learned absolutely nothing from Vietnam. By the way, contrary to popular belief, the majority of anti-war people during the Vietnam war were veterans of WW2 and Korea. dad didn't think I should have to go to any war. He said he, his brother Fred and my mothers' brothers fought in WW2 so their kids would never have to fight another war. Yeah, it was WW2 vets, hard hats who were at base, very anti Vietnam war. The hippies and college kids came a bit late to that party. Not denigrating what the young people did with their protests in any way. I read that about Dads' generation in some article on the web last week and cannot find it again, knew I should have saved it. Maybe did, but dang, I can't remember where. Hope it was not on the one external hard drive that seems to have died.
    Well, don't work too hard Michael. Yes, doing a bit extra at work may help, it used to carry some weight with the bosses in my early working days, after my enlistment was over and I rejoined the work force in civilian life. Can't hurt to be dependable, just don't let them take unfair advantage of you.
    Hey, no need to tell Mr. Tigger the treats are from me. He has no idea if he'd even like me. LOL, most cats and dogs seem to be comfortable around me, once they figure I am friendly and mean no harm, usually takes them about 10 seconds or less.
    Hope your week goes well. Stay safe, and if possible sane.

  2. Yes, sad to say, you're right about the country learning nothing from Vietnam...and I think that's a major point in Rick Perlstein's latest book, the one about Reagan. Haven't read it yet, but I did read his tome about Nixon and have a copy of the one about Goldwater...and a long, long list of books to read...so it goes. Maybe I'll try to borrow it from the library. Anyway, a big part of Perlstein's book about Reagan, based on reading some reviews, was that old Ronaldus' rise was a watershed: instead of coming to grips with the role of America as, yeah, a superpower but not a North Charleston-style cop, it all got washed under the bridge. Morning in America, Rambo kicks commie butt...even in Afghanistan with the mujadaheen...hey, how did that end up working out?

    Rumsfeld is right there in the midst of it. Hell, I think I mentioned I saw Errol Morris movie The Fog of War -- it's somewhere on the internets -- and for all his at-the-time-horrible LYING about the war, Robert McNamera at least showed some remorse, as small and as useless as it was by then (tell that to the dead, the wounded, and those psychologically scarred, Bob); anyway, Morris shot a similar movie about Rumsfeld...don't know if it's made the internets yet, but again, from reviews, I hear old Rummy cackles and grins and thinks he pulled a fast one on us all.

    Welcome to America 21st Century. They barely even try to put some lipstick on the pig they expect us to gleefully embrace.

    Well...time to go over here. Let's just hope they don't drag us into anything with Iran...hell, even if it'd be "clean" (and I doubt it would be) it'd still be...ugly. I just can't imagine having to justify something like that, but I guess that's why I'm not a politician...

    Take it easy.