Tuesday, April 21, 2015

King Koch(s)

From Album 5
Welcome to bought-and-paid-for "democracy."


  1. When the Koch boys (rhymes with socks)talk about "free markets" they do NOT mean what most common people think they are talking about. What we really need is a fair market and fair trade between nations/peoples.
    Oh, and now lil' Jeb gets to "audition" before the royal Koch boys (still rhymes with socks, and will till long after they die off).
    Well crap, we have rain in the forecast here through Saturday. Oh well, and so it goes. Hey, beats having a drought.
    Hope your week is going well. Cheers.

  2. And the Koch's are such paragons of hard work and free market virtue -- well, if the "free" market means they inherited money from a grandfather or great-grandfather (I forget now) who promoted railroad towns out west (the railroads being one of the first major public-private "partnerships," well, if tapping into massive fraud as part of the package counts)...later, their father did thriving business with old "Uncle" Joe Stalin, "borrowing" patents that...my, my, had no validity in the USSR. Go figure. And now that they've got theirs, why not screw everyone else with their bizarro notion of "libertarianism"? Grrr....

    Anyway...yeah, saw it was another wet weekend over here too...but if I can get out maybe Sunday for the yard, at least I'll be caught up. Otherwise...the week's ok, except for hearing about how one of my co-workers saw a rat in their cubicle. Yikes.

    And we thought all the rats were up the street at the Capitol. I dunno. Maybe it got lost.

    Take it easy.