Thursday, April 02, 2015

No, Obama's Iran Policy Isn't At All Like The Sainted Reagan's

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That's right: he's not selling them TOW missiles in a stupid arms-for-hostages sham deal and using the proceeds to finance an illegal war in Central America...


  1. I cannot tell you how much I despise "saint" Ronnie and the creature he was married to.
    It would take way more space than a comment section on any blog for that. Also, this is not my blog, so I'll just let it go with the following; "saint" Ronnie and his vile gang of crooks had a deal all set to release the hostages as soon as he was sworn in. Anything they could do to make sure old Jimmy peanuts got zero credit at all. Damn, what miserable asshats that gang was. And yet, we still have to deal with many of them. Rummy and Mr. 5 Deferments were part of the gang around the late "saint". That alone should tell most people with at least one functioning brain cell what a turd Ronnie was. Dad literally despised Ronnie to hell and gone. All during 1980, it was not allowed to even say his name at Dads' house. What he had done to California as the governor got Dad very pissed off, getting on the bad side of Dad was not anything a sane human wanted to do. Dad was not physical with his actions, he just used his voice and the man could be very loud, in particular when he was right and the other was dead wrong. Dad did not suffer fools at all.
    Maybe some day I may do a blog post to explain more on this topic. Oh, I did a post at the old soap box this week on the vile creature Bolton. Just a short one. I got too damn angry to write more.
    Hope your week goes well. Yeah, we may get a bit of rain tomorrow here.
    Don't work too hard on your day off. Hi to Tigger.

  2. Nightmare Nancy is the best nickname I recall for the Missus. A friend told me in New York there were posters saying "Nancy Reagan shoots John Lennon," with an actual quote form the Nightmare (it was discovered during the campaign that she carried): "It's just a little handgun, I don't even know how to use it."

    Reagan, for all his alleged geniality, made his way with a classic, or if you prefer, perfect storm of B grade movie chops (hey, we rubes in flyover country love morality plays with happy/sappy endings, don't we?) and marked disdain for anyone id'd as "hippy," which...hey, might well have included yourself, given that Vietnam veterans were generally treated quite rudely by "the greatest generation," which Ronnie glommed onto despite doing the equivalent of Dubya's Champagne Brigade service. If I remember -- and he DIDN'T, the asshole -- Ronaldus made propaganda movies, but that sure didn't stop him from claiming to have liberated concentration camps.


    Later, he'd flash a big grin and claim "hippies talk like Tarzan, walk like Jane, and smell like Cheetah." Nice on the none-too-subtle anti-gay smear for good measure.

    And yeah, I've heard he pulled the same trick as Dick Nixon...politics over the national interest.

    Well...not that Democrats are that much cleaner (hell, Joe Kennedy said he paid for a victory in 1960, not a landslide), but once upon a time they drew a line when it came to foreign policy. But therein lies the problem -- let 'em do it in 1968, and they'll try something else in 1972 (bugging the DNC was just one of the rat-fucks)...with little more than a few wrists slapped in 1972, they'll up the ante in 1980...when the same thing happened with Iran-Contra, they upped the ante again in 2000, then again in 2004 (remember the well-timed terror alerts?)....followed by the torture regime...which no one was called to answer for.

    Can you tell I'm a little pessimistic?

    Haha...well, on a brighter note, I got the yard chores done today, and even mostly removed a tree/shrub that unfortunately died over the winter. Also identified a bigger tree that I need to remove, since it's too close to the house. It's...a ligustrum...the internet says it's a bit of a weed. Well, it's better than that, but it's right up by the roof line. I'll maybe replace it with a fruit tree.

    Take it easy, have a good equinox holiday. Yeah, the actual equinox was a couple of weeks ago, but...