Thursday, April 09, 2015

The Real Chip Off The Fetid, Rotten Block

From Album 5
Liz might be an actual blood relative, but she's an amateur. Tom Cotton is the genuine heir to ... Dick.


  1. OK, granted I am old, but I cannot comprehend the type of mental midget it takes to want to even try to be the least bit like Mr. 5 deferments. Well, they have told me all y life that it takes all kinds, I just don't know why it seems to need so many of some kinds.
    No, no plans for races this weekend. I have penciled in the 25 of this month as they are having the diesel drags that Saturday. Never been to a diesel drag race yet. Hey, they don't have many in Louisiana. It has been too long since my last trip to the track, 2011 as I recall. The transmission went out in the old truck that year then we moved in October so it has been too long. I used to get down there about once a month, often twice a month. Never cared if it was a big race or just test day, it was fun shooting photos and talking with the people there.
    Yes, some event in this area have been canceled do to rain and some have been rescheduled for the following weekend, others, well, we shall see.
    Stay dry as best you can.

  2. Wow, diesel drag could be interesting, given that diesels aren't noted for rapid acceleration. Of course, that's standard. I expect there are plenty of tinkerers out there who can modify just about anything.

    And that in part explains some of my general optimism, though these days tempered by age and clowns like Tom Cotton. What a jerk...or a Dick, if you prefer. Cheney or Nixon, take your pick.

    As for rain, looks like we'll get our share. Oh well. Had plans for removing some tree limbs -- start of a long term project to remove what I finally figured out (thanks internet!) is a ligustrum tree that's not bad, but a little too close to the house. I'll replace it with...maybe a kumquat tree, if that's not too difficult and if the location is good. Hope it won't attract too many pests.

    But, compared to Tom and Dick, pests are nothing. Just doing their thing. They, on the other hand, are creeps.

    Well, have a good weekend, rain notwithstanding.