Thursday, April 23, 2015

Time For The Puke Funnel

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And no, that's not a defense of Clinton and whether this is quid pro quo, pay for play, or's just the that what's SOP for any of the other candidates is suddently OMG when it's...a center right Democrat who with her husband pretty much defined the DLC wing of the party. Do I like it? Not particularly. Is Hillary Clinton the best (or least worst) of a limited set of options in a very imperfect political world. Yes.

Oh, and speaking of puke funnels.


  1. 2016 and the "election" that year make me homesick for SoCal. From 1972, the first time I could vote until 1999, the last election there before I left, I had the option of more tun the "big two" (actually the two wings of the war party) to vote for. I almost always voted for the folks from the Peace and Freedom party. Yeah, yeah, OK, they were socialists. Big deal, better than the crooks who have run this country since 1913 for sure. Bloody damn Fed.
    Some choice, Hi-Larry or Jeb. It will likely come down to that "choice" the way things seem to be going. Yes, Cruz, Rubio, et. al. want to have shot at the top job, but seriously? I mean even the idiot Koch (still rhymes with socks) brothers won't support any of the clown car morons that long. Surely not in the general election. Oh wait, the brothers just might BE that crazy. Now I am starting to worry a bit.
    Any way, I'd like to have the opportunity to vote for a party I could at least respect for a change.
    As to lil' Bobby and his op ed, big deal, I won't even bother to check that link. After the two terms, nearly, we have suffered under his misrule, anything he has to say, unless it is to beg our forgiveness, is not worth my time. Sorry, no disrespect to your research Michael. I read your blog, Rude Pundit, Tom Aswell (Louisiana Voice) C.B. Forgotston, and Robert Mann, any more of, from, or about lil' Bobby will be overkill for me.
    Hope your weekend isn't too wet. Best to you and Tigger.

  2. We'll see on the weekend. The "big gubmit" National Weather Service still has rain for Saturday, but Wunderground is saying just clouds...of course, Wunderground and all the other weather services get their data from...ta da: the National Weather Service. Just saying.

    Yep, I also think the "choice" is Hi-Larry or Jeb, I guess pronounced "Heb," since he at least once claimed to be Hispanic -- ok, probably just the equivalent of a typo...but it would be funny to watch the reactions from the WASP blue bloods of the Bush and Pierce (Babs) families...hahaha. What's not funny is the "choice." Once again, lesser of evils, but the evils keep getting worse, as Christopher Hitchens once said...before he embraced the worst of the right wingers and their stupid wars.

    As for Booby, well...reading it was just another chore. Sucks, but I had to...ugh...what's kind of sad is that his oh-so-brave-and-bold "stand" is little more than pandering to the same wingnut elements that Hitchens bowed to...ok, not quite the same, but the evangelicals and PNACs combined to bring out the worst of both. Anyway, his "stand" will likely cost New Orleans at least a bit of convention business, but Booby, it's just "those people."'s to a day enough weekend for yard chores. If I can get that done, good. And I'll rest/read the rest of the time. Have a fun and light memoir of Richard Feynman that I've been enjoying...

    Take it easy, Tigger, as usual, says meow.