Monday, April 13, 2015

Time To Say "Enough"

From Album 5
152 documented cases of false capital convictions...and that doesn't include executed people who were likely not guilty.

Yes, that's quite enough...


  1. This is just another reason I oppose the death penalty. Once you kill a person,later you say, oh no, he was innocent. Well, it is too damn late then. Until it is possible to exhume and reanimate the dead, we need to end this death penalty crap. The old saying about rather 99 guilty go free than one innocent be convicted applies also. Not that I want the guilty to go free, ever. Also, the death penalty is against my personal beliefs. If some fool killed my family, I do not want or need the state or any form of government to take vengeance for me. If I catch the killer first, well, good luck to the authorities. That aside, the government has no need to kill in my name. If I want any revenge, I'd rather the guilty parson spends his/her life in prison with no chance of ever getting parole/pardon. Also, I'd want them to have to make little rocks from big rocks every day, 7 days a week, for life. Fail to meet the daily quota, and your supper rations will be cut back. Yeah, I can be damn nasty when riled. At least I do not subscribe to that crap about an eye-for-an-eye bullshit. Kill my family, you best hope that if you don't kill me also, that the authorities find you before I do is all. Even then, I wouldn't kill the person, but he/she would be left wishing for death. Well, I was a Marine so, maybe that helps to understand how I see this.
    The only life I may have any right to end is my own, and even there I am not 100% certain. While it IS my life, I didn't make me, so…….
    Ah well, this is getting way too deep, in more ways than one no doubt. I do not and will not support the death penalty. And yet, there are some crimes, child molesters, that I don't know what the proper punishment should be. Just lock them up for life and let them sit and think about what they have done until they die of old age.
    Glad you had the time for yard work.Ho boy, that Indy car race got wet Sunday. First time at that track to race, they tested there in February of this year.

  2. Considering what hell holes prisons are here in the land of the free -- pun intentional -- LWOP might well be a worse fate than death. Sad to say, but I doubt the wingers even bother with better 99 guilty go free. Nope, they'll happily throw 99 not guilty in jail, then holler and moan if, should justice finally kind of, sort of prevail with some degree of compensation for a life casually thrown away.

    To be sure, yes, vicious, violent criminals need to be...locked away, and for a long time if not forever. But casting the widest of nets lile tossing non-violent drug offenders in with violent felons is...both not real smart AND quite a big government ploy. But...small government has never been what they really want. What they want is a mix of the worst elements of the old Confederacy, be it the Southern one of the 1860s or the East Coast one that failed in 1787, and the iron fist of a police state.

    Again, violent criminals, really violent ones, should probably be locked away...if not for life, then for a damn long time...though even then a few might actually make something of it (Wilbert Rideau)...but, to go back to the post, yeah, executing them? Christ...especially if someone's not guilty. You'd think that'd shame folks...but it doesn't.


    Take it easy...didn't see the Indy car race, but was there an accident involving a pit crew guy? Ouch. Hope he wasn't hurt too bad...