Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Well There Are Certain Sections of New York, Major, That I Wouldn't Advise You To Try To Invade

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I guess by NRA standards, Rick Blaine's just a naive Sharia enabler...kind of soft towards the French, too.


  1. First off, we basically agree on the death penalty deal. Glad to know I'm not alone on this.
    Yes, there was an injury to a crew member. The video looks bad, but the latest report says he "only" has a gash to his lower leg, which leg? Not sure, and a cut to his nose. Hmm, he is wearing a helmet, maybe it smacked him on his nose, it can happen. I used to ride motorcycles, street and dirt and have had a wipe out or three. The story about motorcycle riders is/was not IF you fall/crash, but WHEN you will wipe out. Ride enough miles on a motorcycle and you will have a crash, even if it is only a minor one, like my last one. Dumb thing on my own part that was the cause, felt stupid, but little harm done, except to my pride, such as that ever was.
    On to the post for today. Wow. What a mess that "speech" was. No-go zones? Here in old 'Merikkka? No kidding? I wonder were he got those Ethiopian al-Shabaab guys from. As best as I understand it, al-Shabaab is Somalia not Ethiopian. I really like the mayor of the city and his reply to this yak fest, basically telling this NRA clown he is full of crap. Ah yes, well it was a good article. How so? Because lil' Bobby, aka Herr Jindal got a mention. He gets so few now days, I figure we need to highlight any and all he does get, no matter from whom they are from. He needs to get that POTUS campaign going after all. And YES, I am being very sarcastic regards Booby Jindal and his quest to be POTUS. While it may come down to Hi-Larry vs Jeb, may the gods help us all, a Jindal in the final would be even worse.
    Ah well, tomorrow is supposed to be less wet up here. Hope you get some dry out time as well. Looks like more rain later this week. Stay warm and dry. Bet Tigger knows how to do that.

  2. I guess I got pretty lucky on the motorcycle front. Never crashed before I got it out of my system...though I had a bee fly into the helmet and not only did it not die, it didn't sting me. Triple luck, especially as I pulled over to a gravel shoulder before I'd slowed sufficiently, and had an...interesting experience sliding around a bit.

    Well...and once I tipped the bike. Was checking out a cute young woman as I was getting off the damn thing and forgot to put the kickstand down. She wouldn't have been impressed anyway, but guess I ensured that...hahaha.

    Good that the guy wasn't badly hurt. Saw a quick blurb on the news, and it didn't look that good.

    As for the NRA, well...easy target on that one. They're nuts. The shame is that many years ago the NRA wasn't half bad -- they wanted gun owners to be responsible. But the loonies took it over...unfortunately the loonies have also taken over the GOP...

    Booby can dream on...because the GOP is nuts, but even they know he'll never amount to more than an appointee...Loosiana will elect him, but guess that shows we're, um...outliers, putting it...nicely.

    Yeah, more rain expected around here. We'll see how it goes. Tigger's an indoor critter, so he's good. I'm mostly indoors these days myself, though the outdoor projects still await....

    Take it easy.