Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Well, We'll Soon Find Out...

From Album 5
If Chris Christie's best impersonation of Sgt. "I Know Nothing" Schultz spares him an indictment in Bridgegate...


  1. LOL, great photo of the fat one. Well, the way this country seems to work, he may get off. I hope he does go down, big time. Any bets his underlings will rat him out? Some comments on the links suggest that the single mom is the best bet to start singing to the feds. She has three kids and does not want serious jail time. Poor Chris, he got way too big for his britches.
    Well, have a good week. Our forecast says we will have a wet weekend up here and a race at Erwinville was canceled already due to rain in the forecast for red stick.
    Be like Tigger, stay warm and dry.

  2. Would be very, very nice and fitting for The Big Chicken (Charles Pierce's description of Christie) if the chickens did come home to roost. What an asshole move. Genuinely Nixonian: the Trickster could've easily defeated pretty much anyone in 1972, sad to say (and my parents voted for him, even sadder still), but a crook's gotta be a crook. Just like Christie.

    I take some comfort in knowing that regardless, he can kiss his presidential ambitions goodbye, for the most part. Oh, he might get some fat-cat, pun intentional, to bankroll him, but, also pun intentional, the fat lady will soon be singing his GOP nomination swan song.

    Anyway...yeah, rain around here, too. They're moving the BR Blues Festival indoors as a precaution, and maybe I'll wander over -- it's a short walk. We'll see. If nothing else, it's an excuse to ignore the yard, but that carries it's own punishment...maybe I'll be able to knock that out on Sunday. Or maybe I'll just take it easy.

    Likewise, take it easy. Hope the Erwinville races weren't on your list, or if they were, that you can make the rain date.

    Have a good one.