Monday, April 27, 2015

You Grow Up...And Learn Some Things Aren't Real

From Album 5
Unfortunately, though, there's no political price to be paid for being a stark, raving wingnut...


  1. Yes, the "moderate Republican" does not exist. Putting such a critter next to the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus was a great idea and looks just fine to me.
    Unfortunately, the donkey gang has also moved right (Reich) ward as well. What we once may have called liberal or even progressive is now very much further to the right than one would have thought possible.
    I remember in high school, I am certain it was my chemistry teacher, who said; "OK, here is the USA, over here is the USSR. In time we will see them move towards each other, they may meet in the center, but will continue going in opposite directions until we end up like they are now and they end up as we are now." I have to admit, he does seem to be correct as things stand today. The USA has become more like a police state, hell the old East German secret service/police would be so jealous of what the NSA is doing to US! Russia, the USSR no longer exists, is becoming more of a real democratic country. Well, maybe not quite, but they no longer enforce "unity" as they did in the bad old days of the USSR pre Gorby at least.
    All said, it sure makes me wonder if or why I will vote for POTUS in the coming election. I won't stop voting, at the local and possibly state level our votes do matter and we can get real change at the local level at least. Or am I just dreaming? I realize I still buy into my high school civics learning and old pieces of paper, like the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Maybe I am too old and way past my "sell by" date after all.
    Well, we got some heavy rains here today. After tomorrow noon time, we may be rain free for a few days. Oh, did you see where at least two empty rail road freight cars were blown off the tracks? Right here in Louisiana. Closer to you though. Near the Huey Long bridge actually. Jefferson Parish I think is what the news said. At least no humans were injured. First time I saw the video, I thought the engines had fallen off the tracks and knew somebody got hurt. Just glad nobody was hurt, but what a mess, even empty rail cars can be a huge cleanup business. Some powerful wind to knock those cars off track, even empty ones.
    Well, hope your week goes well. And, an ear rub and a treat for Mr. Tigger. It's OK to come out from under the couch Tigger, really.
    Cheers Michael.

  2. Tigger's back to his usual self, though yeah, heavy storms (and loud noises) do a number on him. And no wonder -- he hears things way outside my range, and even more so now that I'm old. As for your teacher, sounds like he was paraphrasing George Orwell's Animal Farm...not a bad book, times a little forced. Then again, it's not like I don't force Photoshop stuff now and again, not that I'm comparing myself to a genuine modern hero.

    Well, the rain died down at last...but the cleanup will continue. Saw crews removing another tree around here. And yes, I also saw the train footage. Good lord. But hey, climate change is a myth, amirite? Why, I had to wear a long sleeved shirt today...

    OK, enough. My day's long enough. Take it easy, back tomorrow.