Monday, July 18, 2016

From Ronald To Donald

There was never a good old day or's always been a scam...


  1. Much as I don't care what Krugman ever says, this time he got it right. When "saint" Ronnie was elected as our acting president is when the elephant gang went totally bonkers. Of course I still despise the older "saint" Woodrow, the vile racist bastard who got this country into the mass murder of WW1. THAT was criminal in the extreme in my view. He was reelected on the slogan; "He kept us OUT of war". What does he do once he was back in office? Why enter WW1 on the side of the nasty assed British Empire what else. Woodrow ranks right down there with Ollie North, Mr. 5 deferments Cheney and other assorted war criminals.
    Oh, Ronnie did NOT end the "cold war" nor did he have a hand in the dissolution of the Soviet Union. He was just our first acting president. Trump may become our first "rarity TV" POTUS, may the world have pity on us should that happen. Actually, I bet the rat of the world will just laugh at us then proceed to despise us to hell and back until this country falls apart at the seams.
    Yes, got the old iMac running again. Between the tech folks here in Alexandria and myself it is running nearly as good as ever. I found out when I got it from the shop that one particular program was causing my troubles. Once ended it running constantly, problem solved. In truth, it never did need to run full time, it is just a diagnostic thing. Of course the tech could not find that as I didn't send the hard drive I use as backup along, he did't want any accessories, just the computer. Well, at least he gave it a clean bill of health and did a very complete check up. Best of all, not charge to me for his time.
    Thanks for posting the photo of Tigger Friday. Not commenting much of late. Not feeling so great, plus all the shit going on in the not so very old US of A of late, well, I just feel sick. As a country, we kill our own for no reason and yet our leaders run around the globe telling other nations to be more like us. Pot, meet kettle. Holy shit on a stick, just who the bloody damn hell does 'Merikkka think it is? Even better, as a country, does 'Merikkka ever think? I seriously doubt it. I'd say more, but hell, I am in deep enough shit already for what I say to people in person. Yeah, I do feel Marx was not radical enough. Workers of the world unite! You have nothing to lose except your chains.
    I best leave it there for now. Don't need to get you in any trouble for my rants on your blog site.
    Take care Michael. I may post a comment now and then, maybe. May even do my own rant at the old soap box even.
    I think we have had heat index in or over 100 every day since early June, except the odd days when it rains. The heat doesn't bother me, but the damn humidity is a killer. Well, take it easy and try to stay cool and safe.

  2. June 2016 was the hottest month ever. Go figure.

    Anyway, glad your system is working ok again. Don't know as much about the Mac machines, but Windoze diagnostics are major resource hogs. We'll run them when we must, but usually try almost anything before that.

    As for the ongoing scam that is our political system, what more can be said? I used to think figuring out at least more or less what's the truth and letting people in on what's not that difficult to grasp would...but no: people are happier thinking/identifying with their chosen tribe...even though most if not all of us are little more than consumers...really, really big consumers, who'd last about 20 minutes in the world they claim to want.

    Well, don't worry about whether you want to comment here or not. I get what you're saying...and, to be honest, I've been dialing back anyway. I might start posting stuff minus any caption. I've been at this for not quite 14 years...that's a long time. Sure, no weekends, and plenty of holidays, but I need to start doing some other stuff.

    That said, always appreciate what you have to say. So, feel free, but not obligated. Take it easy. Need to get on to things over here, then when chores are done, time for the freak show. At least I can still laugh...sometimes.