Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Show Grimly Marches On

So, last night was Christie's he-man routine ... along with some surprisingly fawning commentary from MSNBC re: Trump Junior, who struck me as looking more like a modern day Joe Isuzu, for those old enough to remember the reference...

And tonight's line up is the losers (Cruz, Rubio, and Walker) ... with Patsy, um, I mean Pence as the headliner.

I think three hours of a test pattern might be more effective...but that's just me, I guess.


  1. I agree with your comments about the lineup for tonight. Well, the entire disaster show this supposed convention has been. Yes, I missed the entire thing and will also pass on the coronation of Hi-Larry. Some choice we have in this false democracy, which was never, ever a real democracy as the sainted founders were scared shitless of true democracy. The US Constitution originally said that ONLY white skinned male property owners were allowed to vote. Some "democracy" they gave us. Even old Franklin, when asked what sort of nation we had at the time is said to have replied "A republic, IF you can keep it". Well, we lost it, big time long ago. I'll go so far as to say the damn liar and railroad lawyer (dishonest Abe) was the one who really lost the old republic with his unlawful war. Rather funny, and not in a laughing sense, that the US had to fight a civil war to sort of end slavery. Most European nations did it without a pitched battle. Must be something in the polluted waters of this nation.
    One further comment. While it IS funny, your use of a favored, by me, Monty Python movie to post about the elephant gang borders on sacrilege. But I won't get too nasty about it since it does work, sort of…..
    Any who, have a good weekend and try to stay cool. Again, June was the ninth month in a row for high temps the world over. Our heat index hit 117 earlier today, then a nice little rain shower and it is only 100 now.
    Take care Michael.

  2. I need to add to my above comments that the Europeans DID treat native populations in their colonies as badly or worse than the slaves in the US were treated. Must be something about light skin color. No, most likely it is/was the damn xtian religion they hold to so tightly. Makes me extra happy to have zero religious beliefs of any sort. Well, I do see nature and all living critters as remarkable. Granted I prefer snakes and insects to not occupy my home, same goes for a variety of other wild critters, but that doesn't san I see them as an enemy. All living beings have their own place on this planet. Some how or other, religion comes to mind, humans feel so damn superior to the rest of lit. Idiots! Doubt me? Look at the republican convention this year.

  3. My own .0000000002 cents worth re: the Europeans pretty much running roughshod over the rest of the world...part of it was plain dumb luck: exposure to diseases they subsequently passed on with devastating consequences...part of it was sheer ruthlessness (a combination of factors there)...part of it was living in an area that encouraged getting out and being ruthless (a cold distant Asian peninsula...albeit with enough resources to produce a modest surplus that let them go viking, colonizing, invading, and so on). Long story, I'm sure you know at least as much as me, and probably more. Add a holier than thou attitude -- quite literally...and more luck with weapons...draft animals...voila.

    Anyway...yeah, Pence as Pansy was a test, but it did fit. Cruz in this case is the French guard farting in their general direction. Let them beat each other up.

    Otherwise...I was mentioning to a friend that the next few generations have every right to judge us harshly for the way we've ignored global warming. Sure, some of us haven't, but some people opposed European imperialism, and it's not like we remember them...much.

    My own belief, aside from paying the rent and the bills, is that you do what you can...sometimes that's not much. But you try. But, as I said, I won't blame the subsequent generations for thinking we were assholes. Obviously I won't be around, but...if anyone from the future stumbles across this pixil in the ether...apologies.

    Anyway...guess I'll round out the Wingnut Week by watching the megalomaniacal clown do his thing. Know thy enemy...even if they're as annoying as hell.

    Take it easy.