Thursday, July 21, 2016

Wingnut Week Concludes

What he thinks he looks like...

What he looks like...

My reaction...

I'll skip on links today...why bother? Even if Trump isn't full on lunatic, that's a hell of a grading, not even a curve, more like a grading cliff.

Back tomorrow.


  1. The photos say plenty Michael.
    I agree with you on what the next generation(s) may say about us. Well, I know I did my best, or at least I tried to. I try every day and have done for as long as I can remember to treat all the people I come in contact with each day the way I want to be treated. I have compassion for those who get screwed and no, I cannot ever know what it must be like to be a Black man in this country, but I can have compassion for that man when he is falsely accused of a crime he did not do. Same goes for any other minority. I don't always need to walk even a short distance in her/his shoes to have compassion for them.
    If those who come after me, even today tell me I didn't do enough, well, they may be correct, but there is only so much a working class guy can do on his own. I am not a leader, never wanted to be one. When I had less than 90 days left on my enlistment as a US Marine, they wanted to promote me to Sgt. They finally got me to the final promotion board, I'd skipped the others. It took a Staff Sgt. and three troops to make sure I was there in dress uniform. The first thing I was asked was "Why do I want to be promoted to Sgt.?". My reply was; "I do NOT want any promotion sir". I was asked to go back to the waiting room. They called me back some few minutes later. They had never had anybody refuse to be promoted before. The board went through the usual routine of asking their list of questions, I replied to them all as best I knew. I later had to go and report to the regimental C.O., a full Colonel. He told me I was going to be promoted and as he had a silver eagle on his collar and all I had was the stripes of a corporal on my sleeves, I was now a Sgt. I knew that bucking the system was going to be a nasty game, but damn, I sure did enjoy it. Still do.
    Not long after our 9/11, a few of my email pals, some who still keep in contact with me, amazing I know, we knew we must be on a few of the new "lists" the gummint had going at the time, still do in fact. One of my buddies said that if he and I were not on at least three or more we should be pissed off. I agreed but we still laughed at it and do even today. Big deal, what can they do to me that Marine boot camp and a tour in beautiful Southeast Asia (the Vietnam war) didn't do? Answer, not very much. Hell, I'm 68 and physically broken any way. Killing me would end the misery of my constant, chronic pain, so no loss for me. A big gain actually.
    This entire comment is 100% true, every last word of it, honest. I don't have enough ego these days to give a rats ass to care much about me. Again, I did my best and still do every damn day. I don't know any other way to live. Thanks to Dad for that lesson, it served me well, and I think he'd be pleased at my efforts. I remember the first day I got leave after boot camp and basic. I got to the old house before he got home after work. I met him in the driveway and shook his hand and thanked him for raising me the way he did. I was told later he was very proud of that moment. I also know he became very antiwar when I got orders to get to Vietnam. Yeah, a lot of those old hard hat guys opposed theta war. They had been in WW2 and knew war and hated that their sons had to do it all over, for nothing. Well, it did make huge piles of money for the already rich, like every war has, does, and will do until humans quit wars.
    OK, I have gone on too long. Sorry about that. My pain some times gets my words flowing like a flash flood….LOL.
    Stay cool and have a great weekend. Cheers.

  2. Hope your own weekend is...good. We're going to get rain, or so it looks, and we're getting some right now.

    Great history there on your, um, promotion, or at least what culminated in a promotion. Cool. I guess some people just don't really understand that others look at things, or at life, differently.

    Anyway...guess I'll keep this kind of short. Chores...if I don't do them, they don't get done. So it goes. Have gotten used to coming home to a house without the cat...doesn't mean I much like it. Still wish he was here.

    Again, take it easy.