Monday, August 15, 2016

A Noun, A Verb, And...I Forget

Ghouliani channeled his inner Rick Perry today. Sure, Slate will play the contrarian -- and everyone's conveniently forgotten the anthrax attacks -- but the Mayor of 9/11's slithered through the last decade and a half on this, despite it being, you know, something that should have resulted in his resignation if not political or actual exile. Creep.

In other news, I'm high and dry over here, and grateful to be so...wish I could say the same for lots of other folks around here. Keep them in your thoughts.


  1. Just my now take on this rain, but it seems like today we got more rain than we did since Friday. Have not checked the totals though. This afternoon and until about 5 minutes ago it was coming down harder than the weekend.
    Yes, we are very fortunate to not be flooded, though the surrounding land by these apartments isn't very low. Last report I saw had nine deaths due to this storm series and major flooding in many towns South of us here. Glad you are OK.
    As to Rudy, man, it sure would be nice if he crawled under some big rock, never to be seen nor heard from ever again.
    Try and stay dry.

  2. Yeah, re: Ghouliani crawling under a rock. I'd feel bad for the rock, but it'd be doing us a favor.

    Still dry, mostly, before the rains came today I clipped an inch or so off a couple of deck boards. I've got two more to do that really look like they need it. I'll also try to seal around the back door (hope Flex Seal isn't a total rip off...will find out). Can't complain, though. So many others are in really rough shape. It's going to be a while before we're back to even a semblance of normal...