Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Another Day, Another...

I don't think anyone's mentioned that Donald is channeling his inner Sharron Angle (he'd probably hate the comparison, given his misogyny), who pushed the same 2nd Amendment snake oil nonsense in 2010.

To tell the truth, I don't think Trump himself means assassination, but one, wingers are the ones who've perfected the art of the hissy fit...and second, there are a lot of total nutjobs out there...and plenty of them are die-hard Trump supporters, no pun intended.

Update: Duh, my own link mentions Angle...note to self: read more thoroughly next time.


  1. Yes, this poor excuse of a speech makes me despise the orange hair guy even more than ever. And yet, I have no reason to support the "goddess of war" Killary either.
    I will vote for a third party candidate. As I have mentioned before, I have a very long history of supporting such efforts. I know they have less than zero chance to ever win POTUS in my limited life time, but if they win even one minor elected office that will be a major victory and a starting point to the next higher office. This country cannot function with just the two wings of the war party for much longer.
    My opinion, this will either come to a real revolt, hope it is NOT a violent, bloody one, or new parties will arise and actually win high offices all around the country.
    If only the working class and poor folks would ever get past their idiotic false divisions and get together, this country could actually be a role model. Until then, it will just continue to slide, and the sliding is getting faster, downhill to oblivion.
    Hope you are able to stay somewhat cool. So far the past one months have each been world wide record high temps. July has yet to be tabulated and this month has shown so far to be in line with our recent past temps. We may be entering a period of almost no real winter. Unfortunately, we still have a majority in the US congress, heavy emphasis on the con part, who deny that global warming is real. They prefer climate change, because we all know that climate does change all the time. Climate change and global warming are not the same thing. Climate is seasonal and very changeable. Global warming is a threat to all life. Even the five sided puzzle palace (aka; Pentagon) did a study a few years back that said those war makers were very concerned about global warming and rising sea levels. When the military is concerned, the idiots in gumming ought to be as well. Thanks to only having the two wings of the war party to pick from in our elections, we get this crap gummint we have had and continue to have.
    'Merikkka, what a country.
    Well, take care and thanks for the ongoing photos of Mr. Tigger. Yeah, I still miss the cats friends who shared my homes and life.

  2. Am doing ok re: the record heat. High ceilings and, knock on wood, air conditioning, as well as ceiling fans. When I was younger, I might have been able to even forego a/c, but not anymore.

    Trump's latest is, well, more fodder, but it underscores something I mentioned last week: we now know exactly who is ripe for being the dupe in what's not even a very good con. It's such a lousy con that the usual con men are deserting The Donald in droves...even though for the most part he's just the distilled essence of the snake oil they've sold since Reagan. And, as I've also said, I'd almost feel sorry for the suckers, except for the real fact that they're often total assholes, alternately bragging about asses they intend to kick (poor, immigrant, minority, non-European) or whining about how hard they've had it. No shit they've had it hard...but it's the very people they vote for who, to paraphrase HL Mencken, give it to them the hardest.

    On the other hand, I think most of the folks looking at HRC have no illusions, and are voting...as usual...for the lesser of evils. That's the story of my own voting life. Always lesser of evils, minus a couple of protest votes in 1996 and 2000 (and I won't lie: if either might have made a difference, I would have held my nose and gone lesser of evils).

    HRC is no fun to contemplate. But Trump is beyond awful. He'd fuck the whole thing up, then blame the rest of us while doing all in his power (considerable as a POTUS) to feather his nest. Nope, I can't abide that idea. So...we'll see: if Loosiana is his (and it's likely to be) I can safely vote 3rd party (but not for Stein or Johnson)...if it's close, I'll hold my nose.

    As for Tigger, I still think about him EVERY day. I miss that guy. He was a true companion. All I can hope is that he liked me as well. I did my best to care for him, and can't lie: I still feel at times like the wind's gone out of my sails.

    Take it easy.