Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Back On The Front Page...

And not just as The Donald's lackey...nope. As a liar in his own right.


  1. Of course he was lying. Being a US politician it comes with holding elected office. Yes, I am being very sarcastic, but also mostly truthful.
    As to Tigger, animals know when they are cared for and he loved you for giving him his forever home.

  2. Thanks re: Tigger. The LSU Vet School, which was where I took him, gave me a plaster imprint of his paw. I guess they did that before they did the autopsy. I've got it right here on the desk, along with the description I received when I adopted him (VERY playful, friendly, it says). It also lists his birthday -- July 10, 2007. So he was just over eight years old on November 12, 2015...

    I got him in January of 2008.

    Anyway, yeah, Christie's lying, and it'll be interesting to see how he spins any additional evidence. What they've released isn't enough from a legal standpoint...if they find a smoking gun, assuming he left one, I'm guessing the full Nixon will be the fallback: oh, everyone did/does it/third rate obstruction, "but the Democrats..." -- especially look for the last one, particularly from the "librul" media. I saw a joke somewhere that went "if Dick Cheney was caught red-handed killing puppies in the White House Rose Garden (back when Cheney was VPOTUS), the first three words from Cokie Robert would be 'but the Democrats..."


    Take it easy.