Friday, August 12, 2016


Lots of rain around here. Fortunately I'm on high ground...

Have a good weekend.


  1. Thanks for another photo of Mr. Tigger.
    Rain here also and predicted for every day through next week Sunday.
    Just saw on the Weather channel that the governors mansion had to be evacuated due to high water. The Gov. and his family will have to 'rough it' in some different accommodations for a few days.
    Well, maybe folks need to check into getting boats as the rain is coming down very heavy and in large amounts. One comment was along the lines of a 500 year rainfall event. Oh, but of course (sarcastic comment to follow) this has absolutely nothing at all to do with global warming. Nope, just a 'freak' event.
    Well, try and stay dry and above water until the rain stops.

  2. Exactly. Welcome to the new normal, when atmospheric moisture will be significantly greater, and wind/weather patterns might stay the same...or not.

    As I said, I'm on the high ground...fortunately. That's more luck of the draw than anything. And we've been lucky on rain -- yeah, even got some today, but it's been less constant and more spotty, best as I can tell. Didn't lose power...I do have a small issue with some water at the back door, but that's been ongoing. Need to fix it. I think my neighbor's tree has grown in the years since he added a fence and I added a deck. The tree pushes against the fence, the fence against the deck, the deck against the house. Maybe tomorrow I can get out and clip an inch or so off the deck and we'll see if that eases some pressure. Guess I'll need a pier and beam foundation guy to also come in and level things...again...maybe just for the single room, though (the room is added on from I think the 1970s -- the rest of the house is now at least 100 years old). Anyway...hope y'all are ok as well. Otherwise, I'll take the days of rest (work's been called off), but it's a hell of a way to get days off, and I sure as hell wouldn't wish this on a number of colleagues who've been hit very, very hard. Damn.

    Take it easy.