Tuesday, August 02, 2016

History Repeated As Farce...An Ongoing Series



  1. Never met any fellow Marine who wanted a Purple Heart medal. I was fortunate enough to not get one. Lucky me. Came damn close more than once.
    Funny how some clown who managed to avoid military service now says he wanted such a medal. Maybe Hi-Larry should get one for her war crimes. I am still amazed at her "We came, we saw, he died" crapola yak and then that vile cackle she gave immediately afterwards. What a vile, disgusting excuse of a human she is. As bad as Trump? In my view, damn straight. The duopoly has given zero choice this election year. Well, I'll just vote for a third party. Beats giving either of the "big two" (actually the two sides of the same goddamn coin) my vote.
    Yes, still have a nasty headache. Had a CT scan with no results, lack of brain will do that, blank film. They want to do an MRI on my neck now.
    Ah well, take it easy young man. Have a great week.
    P.S., thanks for the continuing photos of Tigger.

  2. Well, I still think Trump's in a class by himself. Doesn't make HRC good, but when the alternative is Charles Manson...

    Sorry about your headache. Am feeling a little run down myself over here, but sounds like you're really hurting. Take care, try to get as much rest as possible.

    And absolutely re: good Tigger. Won't say good old Tigger, because, damn, it just wasn't fair. He was only eight. I was fully expecting another five/ten years. Think I've mentioned it, but was even worried about what he'd do if I bought the farm first. Sigh. One less thing to worry about, but damn if I wish I still was...

    Back to Trump...again, he's just in a whole other league...though, a third party vote won't hurt here in Loosiana. Trump wins the state easily, and the third parties could use a few votes...but...and here's a kicker for me: I don't really believe in Libertarianism...I don't mind the Greens, but I do mind Jill Stein.

    But in the end, I'll just say No Trump. No way. The Purple Heart nonsense is just the latest...I mean, hey, I remember thinking "cool, JFK was awarded the Purple Heart..." when I was eight years old. By the time I was old enough to understand, I sure didn't think it was to be envied. Christ, Trump is an asshole. The ultimate con artist. About all he's been good for is letting us know who will willingly play the dupe.


    Again, take care. Sorry for the rant.