Thursday, August 04, 2016

Irony -- Still Dead



  1. First off, I feel the need to apologize up front for the language I will use for this comment section.
    Holt shit on a stick! Ollie the shit bird North? He should be doing life at hard labor. I still remember a lecture we got in boot camp in the summer of 1968. We were told we were OBLIGATED to disobey any and all unlawful orders, not matter the rank of the person who gave said unlawful order. During his "presentation" in the Iran-Contra crap excuse of an investigation, he tried and was allowed to get away with the same goddamn shit the high ranking Nazis did at Nuremberg. The old; "I was just following orders" crapola. Well, BULLSHIT Ollie. The UCMJ says that is NOT a valid defense. Even though "saint" Ronnie asked you/ordered you to by pass congress, it was an unlawful order and as such Ollie was obligated to disobey that order/request. When he said on camera that he was just doing what his president asked him to do, I damn near tossed a large, solid object at the TV set. The wife got me to calm down a bit then told me that the TV news was off limits until after those hearings were done.
    To this day, if I ever got close enough to Ollie, I'd want to kick him square in the balls so goddamn fucking hard that he'd have to piss out his nose for the rest of his shit life. I despise him as much or even more so than Mr. 5 deferments Cheney and that entire gang. Of course Cheney was part of the Ronnie/Papa Bush administration, so was Rummy and some of the other bloody damn war criminals. Not that Billy Bob Bubba was adverse to having such in his two terms either. The entire system IS corrupt.
    A photo I saved says it all; "The system is not broke. It was designed this way."
    End of rant. Have a great weekend. Try to stay cool if possible.

  2. Someone I knew up in Wisconsin who had served in the USMC told me he'd heard of North long before Iran/Contra...forget if he personally was aware or had just been told that the guy was a total asshole. Well, either way...

    Sanctimonious creep...

    Whenever I hear someone hollering about Bill Ayers (who was/is also a bit of a creep)...I think, well, Ayers and North both were eventually acquitted on technicalities. Shitbirds of a feather...

    Anyway...over here am packing in for the evening...borrowed The Manchurian Candidate from the library. Hard to believe I've never watched it...well, after this weekend, can't say that.

    Take it easy, hope you're feeling a bit better.