Thursday, September 01, 2016

Second Banana

Just as nutty as the top of the ticket.


  1. Michael,
    Good to see you back. Hope you had a good vacation.
    Didn't have anything to add to your post yesterday.
    As for this one, well, Pence IS a fun die stain so his "views" on gay people is not big surprise at all. The clown fits right in with old Kennie Ham (old Hambone) of the Answers in Genesis, the "Creation Museum", and his newly opened "Ark Park" all in Kentucky. A true stain fun die nut ball, in other words a total loon.
    Why in hell Trump picked him is beyond me. Maybe he got the pick the way old McCrazy picked the caribou Barbie (failin' Palin). Or, does Trump think having Pence on the ticket will get the loons of the reich winger fun die stains to vote for him?
    I swear, the two 'main' candidates this election cycle for POTUS are the absolute worst, bottom of the barrel, hell they turned the damn barrel over, picked up the rock that was under the barrel and these two crawled out from the hole where the rock was. In short, even the "lesser" evil is way too evil for words. Just re-watch that video of Hi-Larry (Killary Klingon) and her cackle about poor old Gaddafi. And that was on a national TV show, 60 minutes I believe. She is even more evil that that prime bitch Madass Al(not so very) bright {Albright to most folks} Basically, between Killary and the Donald, I see NO choice and less than a nanometer of difference. Now even Kill Stein is beginning to look like a poor alternative as well. I wish there was a box in the POTUS category this time for "none of the above". I bet that would have the majority of the popular vote by a huge margin.
    Yes, the older I get, the more radical I become. Marx was a damn wimp. Workers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose except your chains.
    Hey, I can be as radical as I wish, I'm old and my health is going downhill fast so why not just be a full on radical? Hell nobody pays any attention to what I say any who. Screw the whole planet, I want off ASAP. Any bets that in 100 years, IF they last even that much longer, humans will be extinct? I doubt they will make it that long, damn fools. 'Merikkka, the blind being lead by the even more blinded (and the leading blind are so damn greedy as to be beyond belief.)
    OKFrom this post onwards I'll try to keep my radicalism toned down. Not saying I'll manage to do so, but just that I will try. This is YOUR blog, but this is MY comment and MY own opinion, not yours. (I added that for the NSA/CIA and any other gummint clowns who monitor the inter webs. Oh, and they can go screw themselves and the sheep they rode in on)

  2. My dad's originally from Indiana -- on a trip there I remember a relative of his saying it was "the most redneck state not in the Deep South." About right. Pence is just a reflection of that lunacy.

    I suppose it's a little less bad up near Michigan City/Gary, but the economy bottomed out, and I recently saw that there are terrible issues with an old smelter of some kind that made the air/land/water toxic. I think I remember the plant: you passed it as you crossed the border, and I'd always have to resist the urge to pull over and make sure nothing was melting under the car's hood. Nope. That was just the normal air.

    Bad choices? Yeah...but what do we expect? The last somewhat decent choice for president, in 1972, got stomped by both parties. If you search around the internet a bit, you can find, thanks to Tricky Dick's tape collection, Hubert Humphrey congratulating the Trickster on his great victory, while admitting he, HHH, did the absolute rock bottom minimum, contractually obligated least he could do for McGovern...and how he was so much happier to have Nixon, not to kick around, but to run the show. Tells you all you need to know.

    Would be nice if workers would organize...but too many of us, hell, maybe me included, seem to think we're "special," not like the other riff-raff. Meanwhile, they divide, conquer, and even keep both organized factions in check if not in hock. Beats working for a living. Profits flow...up. And we're supposed to be satisfied with smart phones. Rinse, repeat.

    So it goes. Well, I did enjoy the time in the great Pacific Northwest (Seattle) times quite, well, white, though, to be fair, it's a big city...and then you have the immigrants from across Asia who've worked VERY hard to become adept at technology...and they get jobs with Microsoft, Cisco, Apple, and other entities that have headquarters and/or major operations there.

    And they've abolished one particular prohibition, just like Colorado...that's nice. And no, society hasn't collapsed into a dystopian hellscape. Just the opposite: you drink less.

    Well, time to get in the kitchen...and hopefully tomorrow will fire up the grill. Sunday and Monday look like rain...

    Have a good weekend. Take it easy.