Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Toxic Republicanism Is Nothing New

You can go back further than Mitt or, Newt, and Trump is the just the tip of the toxic iceberg.

Reagan's alleged geniality didn't really mask his condescending attitude towards towards people of color, or the libs, Nixon's on tape ranting about, East Coast and/or Jewish elites (oh, and Saint Ronnie dropped one on Africa in a recently released recording). Goldwater might have personally been more or less honorable, but in his time the Birchers and Joe McCarthy -- and Roy Cohn -- were only the latest Red Baiters stretching back to before the New Deal, which itself is an object of hatred.

So let's not make Trump unique...and let's not pretend it ends with him.

But at the same time, it's some comfort, modest as it might be, to see the public might finally be getting tired of someone who puts the Id into Idiot.

And a media that's so afraid of calling it out that they've become witting or unwitting accomplices in a sorry exercise that's gone on for generations...

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