Monday, September 29, 2014

How I'll Know If I Ended Up In Hell

From Album 5
If I'm greeted at the gates by this mother-of-all-sickening tag teams. For more on the Steve King half of the King-Cruz shit sandwich, click here...if you can stand it.


  1. These "illegal" immigrants are human beings. The anti-immigrant clowns mostly claim to be xtians. Their own Jesus said we are to "do unto others as we would have them do unto us". I try to do this every day, it predates all organized religion and is not exclusive to Jesus nor any religion. And yet, these supposed xtians are full of hate. How can they claim to follow this supposed "prince of peace" and be so hate filled?
    The UN charter of human rights says that ALL human beings have certain rights, as do some of the founding documents of the US of A. Don't these xtians know anything about their own Jesus or the US of A? Seems to me they know less than nothing about either. But then I am just an old, broken down non-believer/war vet.
    Have a good week Michael.

  2. Thanks Charlie...sorry for the short reply. Long day at work...and possibly another one tomorrow. Take it easy.