Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Do I Have To?

Watch the "Commander-in-Chief Forum" on MSNBC? I guess be fair, not much else to do -- sure, chores, but...nah. Hold my nose and watch El Caudillo, with the mute button ready for when he loses it.

Back tomorrow.


  1. This year, 2016, more than ever before, I really want to have the option when voting for POTUS to mark "none of the above". I bet that would get the vast majority of all votes in the country. Probably a huge landslide win.
    Yeah, I am having second, maybe even third thoughts about the Greenies. I just may leave POTUS blank. Hell, the powers that be will just replace my choice and substitute the clown they want any way. Yes, this old broken down former Marine/Vietnam vet has finally given upon any possibility of my vote being worth anything at all on anything above the local level.
    As a photo I saved from some web site, it shows a man holding a sign that sys; "The system is not broke. It was designed this way."

  2. Johnson did himself no favors today, even with a valid enough excuse -- thought Aleppo was some kind of acronym, or so he says...and what the hell, maybe he's telling the truth. Stranger things have happened with politicians. Stein had her own moment not too long ago, landing in Cincinnati instead of Columbus.

    Anyway, it hardly matters. Until you get things like instant runoffs, or proportional representation (the latter doesn't apply to executives anyway), but...until that happens, and good luck convincing the two major parties to let it happen, it's going to be ... the two major parties. Lesser of evils, at least until you wring the private financing out of the system. Of course, good luck with that, too. It kind of, sort of, happened for a bit with the matching funds, but that era's over. And the Supreme's are on

    In other words, incremental changes at the margins is about all we can hope for. Not exactly appetizing, but, what's the saying? Better than getting poked in the eye with a sharp stick.

    I've said before...I'd settle for restoring funding levels for public education. That'd be a start. After that? Above my pay grade.

    Take it easy.