Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Little Dumber Boy

Actually just confirms what I've long argued about television journalists...it's television, not journalism. And the similarities between it and a run-of-the-mill infomerical are more significant than any differences.


  1. Can any human being with even one half of a functioning brain cell actually expect any sort of integrity from Faux Noise?
    Many of the comments at your link are very negative to poor lil' Chris. Yeah, OK some folks still think his daddy, Mike, was some sort of great journalist. My take on Mike, he was OK, but mostly so-so. Just my own personal opinion. On 60 Minutes, my view is that he loved talking to celebrities far too much. Toss a few soft ball questions to the folks who were in the news and entertainment "industry". Am I being too harsh on Mike? Maybe, but good grief, his kid sucks at anything even remotely near to real journalism. This apple fell very far from the old tree.
    Well, take care. I will try to drop by as often as I can. Looks like we may be done with our rains for a few days. The state can use some drying out time.

  2. The elder Wallace could be less of a dink, but you're right. And, to repeat, it's television, not journalism. Or, as prison guards put it, the electronic tranquilizer. I've thought about that off and on, and no, I'm not any sort of expert, but I've got eyes, ears ... and a TV. Infomercials? Press conferences? "Town Hall" debates (god, I hate that term as much as I hate arrogant Ted Koppel, who I think was the first to adopt the format)? No different from Ron Popeil. Pocket fisherman, foreign policy, WMD, spray paint for your hair...pretty much the same damn thing. The younger Wallace simply rounds the circle -- if it's all bullshit, admit as much, though it'd be helpful if a chryon or slide or whatever you call it flashed regularly with something like WARNING, FLUFF and BULLSHIT.

    OK, end of rant.

    And now I'm gonna go watch the fluff and bullshit. But also do some chores.

    Take it easy.