Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Dressed To The Ones...

From Album 5
Evidently the Koch Brothers require their political supplicants to dress for the part.

Whether they consider "Vaccines are tyranny, I must say," more suitable is not known...



  1. OK, get set for my sarcastic comment of the day. Ready? Here it comes; "Aww, poor lil' Rand, the guy can't win. He goes all out casual at a high roller event and gets trashed for his outfit. He gets a shot, a vaccination and gets dumped on for being 'anti-vac'. " Well, damn, IF I gave a flying crap about his chances of being POTUS, I might have a small bit of sympathy for him. Seeing as how I have none for any of those likely to run, well, sorry Rand, but as my grandpa used to say, you made your bed, now sleep in it.
    Oh, did you catch the huge sums the Koch boys will spend BEFORE the election? Somewhere around $889 Million!! Talk about serious money now aren't they? I suppose that "small change" is just to get to the nomination process. The general election, well, we may need to invent new words for the amount they may spend.
    Oh boy, the young adults and those who were born since I started this comment, THEY get my compassion. Oh, and all the furry, finned, and other critters of the non-human type.

  2. That they HAVE $900 million dollars to chalk up as standard expenses speaks volumes. Freedom of the press belongs to those who own it, as AJ Liebling said...and that kind of cash pretty much shouts it out. And the press isn't all they own. One of them, Charles, I think, owns Kansas, which is going through the equivalent of burning the furniture for fuel, thanks to Brownback going all in on trickle-down...and damn if the voters didn't reelect the SOB.

    I believe they own Wisconsin too, along with what passes for Scott Walker's soul.

    And lord knows what grisly fate awaits us here. Just read that Loosiana ranks number education funding cuts since 2008. Gee, what happened that year?

    Well, back to critter care over here. Once again, the little orange guy's got me on the short leash...take it easy...