Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Cat Blogging With Photoshop

From Album 5
Look who made it to the Falkland Islands this week. A place Bill O'Reilly's never been to, despite what he said.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Ah yes, poor old Billy O'liarly. Well, he says he was in a combat situation. Yeah, I bet. Getting shot at, by folks who want to kill you is not a fun thing. Trust me, been there too many times to recount. Vietnam was like that. Yes, I admit, we, 5th Marines and all US military were the invading red coats and the VC/NVA were the true patriots, but we were just dumb kids who enlisted (me) or were drafted (much of the US Army at that time). Also, we somehow didn't hike to Canada. In my case, if I'd done that, I'd never have been able to talk to Dad again, let alone get near him. While he didn't ant me to go to that damn war, said he fought in WW2 to keep me from going to war, he'd never have accepted me skipping out to Canada or some other country.
    It just makes me laugh now days how these self righteous TV news readers, Williams, O'Liarly, etc. go on and on about their combat experiences. Yeah, IF they'd have been shot at, they'd have needed fresh underwear before they gave any comments or put down on paper or tape their thoughts on the incident. I really laugh at those who claim they were not afraid. Bull crap! If they weren't, then they are too dumb for words.
    OK, have a great weekend Michael. Stay dry if possible. Yes, we should see temps in or near 70 up here but with rain. Weatherunderground says about 0.5 inches for Saturday, less the next few days so not too wet, I hope.

  2. Well, it's cold here, but mostly dry. No snow -- thank heavens -- or worse, ice/freezing rain. Ugh.

    As for Billo...aside from the internet consensus -- he's not a real journalist, so his obvious flat-out lies aren't meriting the Brian Williams treatment (not that Williams is much of a journalist either, but I digress); anyway, old Bill was busy pretending to be a college football player while you were, well, doing something orders of magnitude more serious (Bill's football career is another lie that lately got modest traction...he played at what's called 'club level' at Marist College...a small step above intramural)...

    To tell you the truth, I don't know what I might have done facing your decision. I eventually registered with Selective Service in the 80s, but no way were they going to draft like for Vietnam. It's also likely I could've tested into some kind of desk job...I'm pretty good with tests. Hell, the military kept calling me for some time after my high school "volunteered" us for their equivalent of the PSAT...

    You're right about Vietnam. Even more amazing to me is the realization we likely could have easily gotten them to minimize any Cold War sides-taking with basic diplomacy. After all, they hated the Chinese (centuries long/ethnic conflict), they never much liked the Russians...instead, they're one of the last honest-to-goodness Commie regimes...albeit one with a Westernized outlook, thanks to the mix and match of a lot of dumb decisions made at the highest levels...and the sacrifice of 60000 US soldiers...and millions of Vietnamese people. Hell of a way to gain a foothold.

    I'm not sure who makes me angrier: Robert McNamara -- who, goddamn, almost looks good compared to Rumsfeld. At least McNamara expressed SOME remorse, but...tell that to those who were sent to the maw...or the Nixon/Kissinger cabal, who dragged things out just to win election...and re-election. Christ. If there was a hell...they and the Cheney/Bush cabal would be in the deepest circles.

    As for Lyndon...another goddamn. The tapes HE made show he knew it was doomed, but his ego...if he'd swallowed a bit of it, he'd be amongst the greatest presidents ever. As it was, his fear -- not getting re-elected in 1968 -- came true anyway...that, and the blood on his hands.

    Finally, I don't give Kennedy a pass either. Maybe he would've pulled the plug, being term-limited. On the other hand, he might well have stayed put, lest the wingnuts of that era pull out the "soft on Communism" card (I picture...Nixon doing that)...all in all, like whoever said it, worse than a mistake...a blunder...

    Take it easy, off to stuff over here.