Thursday, February 19, 2015


From Album3
I hear he doesn't leave a reflection in the mirror either...


  1. Just when you feel that a few of these moronic asshats have finally found some dark cave to stay in, they come roaring out of that cave and into the spotlight again. Good grief, will we never be rid of this jackass?
    Put a sock in it Rudy,you were done long ago. Bloody Nazi.

  2. Oh, have a great weekend. Looks to be wet up this way. Try and stay dry.

  3. I guess to look at the bright side, it's so clearly over the top that the backlash is setting in. Amazing though, that the guy had any traction at all...guess that shows what can happen when, following a national tragedy like 9/11, there's compassion instead of finger pointing (like, for instance, noting the VERY foolish put Emergency Response command and the World Trade Center complex, specifically at 7 World Trade Center, which also collapsed that day.)...anyway...

    Looks like a wet one this weekend down here, too. At least it's kind of warm...

    Have a good weekend as well. Take it easy.