Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Let The Freak Show Begin...

From Album 5
CPAC -- click at risk of your own sanity -- begins tomorrow...


  1. Oh no! It's the looney tune convention. I could not get past that main page, managed to scroll through the list of photos near the top of the main page and almost lost my supper. It was a good one, shrimp, pasta and a nice Alfredo sauce. Glad it stayed down, but it took some fort.
    Good luck with the flooring job. Yes, measure three times, get a price list and well, good luck. Just take your tie with it. Personally, I prefer ceramic tile, but then the home I had in SoCal was on a concrete slab, so that made that job relatively easy to do. Also, my back and shoulder were not damaged when I started the whole house make over. They were damaged, and repaired, mostly, before I finished. Still I even managed to do a neat job of tile on the kitchen counter, two sides of it and installed an extra door to the long side as it had a large dead space as built. The new buyer took one look at that kitchen and told her hubby, we have to buy this place. Not bad for an old machinist. Doubt I'd be able to do that again now. Finished that work back in 96 as I recall. Too many years and too many new injuries to old injuries since then. LOL, I did way too much after I moved here in 2000. Too many projects I had no business doing, but oh well, that's life. You do what you need to do.
    You have one of those hungry all the time cats? Are there any other type of cats? LOL.
    Take care my friend, don't over do things. Tomorrow should be dry for both of us.

  2. Yeah, the weather cleared long last. Still a little cold, but...funny, used to hate it, hate it, hate it -- holdover from the Badger State days -- but now...well, adding about 40 pounds over the last 15 years makes hot weather a little less tolerable. Well, what can you do?

    As for the loonies at CPAC, guess I'll catch a few highlights on the old librul shows like Rachel Maddow, though this week I've cut some of that and have watched the PBS shows about historic buildings. So far they've done the Colosseum, the Petra ruins, and last night Hagia Sofia. Motivation, maybe? dreams are a bit smaller.

    As for options, tile could be ok, but the existing floor is wood. My supervisor at work recently did tile on his floors, and says he likes it, but that was also slab on grade...this old house is piers...and nope, the floor's NOT level. Am looking at several options to minimize that...we'll see. One is a mix of, oddly, cardboard. It might work. I saw a video of someone using doorskin, and figured cardboard was about the same consistency, if not the same rigidity. Am thinking of a vapor barrier, cardboard (thoroughly pressed down with a roller)...maybe a layer of eighth or quarter inch cork, and then top it off with hardwood or bamboo. If nothing else, it should at least make it less cold in winter.

    Unlike yourself, I can't claim much experience with this sort of can't get experience just by wishing, so we'll see how it goes. I'm also figuring, at worst, I could rip it up if it turns out awful.

    Too bad I can't rip up the Republican Party...because that's a Frankenstein Monster gone haywire.

    Take it easy. As for Tigger, well...I'll admit he's spoiled. And I'm the one who did that.