Tuesday, November 04, 2014

It's Here

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Election Day...over here, did my civic duty and then took care of chores (we have a day off...and that should be the case for everyone). Anyway, at this point I don't even know if I'll watch returns...ok, maybe, but probably with the sound down. So it goes. Anyway, back tomorrow...


  1. Michael, thanks for voting. Of course I did also. I may have missed one special election since 1972. That may have been one while I lived in SoCal and was for a local school board or some other minor office. The first time I could vote was in the 72 election. Had to be 21 back then so I missed the 68 election, in the Marines then and how to register when I was in radio school at the base in San Diego. Nobody knew what I could do. Obviously, it was not possible to get time off to get to Dad's and vote even if I'd been able to register. I voted for the Peace and Freedom party. Found out years later it is a socialist party. I still usually voted for them as I liked many of their ideas. After Vietnam, I got back from that war in September 1971, I was ALL for peace and freedom, a party with that name, well, I just had to give them my votes.
    I may look tomorrow for the results, not going to try and follow them tonight. Hope Ms. Mary beats that vile Cassidy though.
    Glad you read Tom Aswell yesterday. I follow his site, CB Forgotston and CenLamar along with yours. They focus on Louisiana politics and you go beyond the state when you feel it is worth our time. Thanks to all of you. I post at my blog now and then. I'll let you know next time I post a new rant. I have done one or two since the last time you visited, at least one but no big deal. I just rant on about whatever I want to. That is the nice thing about a blog, you decide what to say and how to say it.
    have a great week.

  2. OK, cool on your own posts -- I've got The Old Soapbox bookmarked front and center over here...as for my own voting history, well...the one time I remember NOT voting was in 1994, I think...just forgot (long story)...anyway, was up in Madison, and figured my vote probably wouldn't make much of a difference, and one vote probably didn't...but a very decent Representative, Bob Kastenmeier was beaten by a blowdried Republican name Scott Klug (a TV news anchorman, and probably not much smarter than a genuine Ron Burgundy). Learned my lesson.

    That said, well...sometimes you lose...grrr...sigh...part of me's mad as hell at the voters...but part of me's mad at the "leadership" as well...as I said, Alan Grayson was spot on in describing the parties as either wholly or mostly owned. And why the Dems would even want to be Repug lite is...baffling...well, except that's probably how they fill the war chests.

    Well, off to stuff over here. Yeah, I read all the sites you mentioned...here at home. Because, well, you see, it's because of my employment, and I'll leave it at that. No need to include any identifiable verbiage...

    Take it easy.