Monday, November 10, 2014

Ted Talk

From Album4
Sorry to recycle another picture, but it fits, as old Tailgunner Ted tweets a fine example of how even assholes are bigger in Texas. Of course, the fact that Cruz is on the internet, as opposed to, say, a private, free enterprise, non-government developed entity, perhaps using the Xmodem protocol, speaks volumes: the founding fathers pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor for their principles...Ted Cruz won't even give up his Twitter Feed.


  1. First off, sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Hope you get over whatever is trying to get you soon.
    On old Texas Ted, looks like Obama-care must be working well. Why else the continued attack on it?
    Did you catch Rude Pundit today? He made a great example of how well Obama-care IS working for members of his immediate family. They may even be able to offer new jobs to some in the near future just because, thanks to Obama-care, they have health insurance that is not super costly. So, that shows to me at least, that it IS working. We know that the tea party and the elephant gang in general cannot allow the (ig)Nobel piece prizident to have any minute good things attached to his presidency. No sir, the first time it looks like old Gobomber might have done any tiny thing good for the country and the elephant gang/tea party goes totally ape shit crazy. They must like water, the seem to be living in de Nile ribber..........denial, yeah, OK, it was suppose to be a joke, oh well, maybe next time.
    Any who, get well soon. Hi to Mr. Tigger.

  2. I did see the Rude Pundit's post about his family...and since today was a holiday, I had time to listen to the Stephanie Miller podcast where he also mentioned it. And now...the Supreme's, or at least four of them, think they chop it down on the slimmest of technicalities...assholes.

    It's their own fucking plan, for chrissakes. But yeah, the uppity brown skinned one must be opposed on that basis alone, and, sad to say, the very people who might benefit are shrugging their shoulders and walking away...while the wingnuts dance with joy...because, even though THEY'RE getting screwed as well, they get to vent their hate rage on people they consider "inferior." a little better today, but am still dealing with a my arm feels like it's asleep, even though I've not been holding it at an odd angle or anything like that...must be part of the symptoms.

    Well, catch you later. am off to evening chores. Tigger's doing ok...he's chasing something, maybe a little moth that's flitting about...