Monday, February 09, 2015

No Basis In Religion...Oh, Really?

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Hmmm... and that's just one example. There are many, many more.


  1. Oh boy, I long ago gave up even trying to count how many times the xtians used their holly buy-bull to "justify" anything, let alone slavery, etc.. Yes, the Confederates DID use that buy-bull to further their cause. Long before the War Between the States, various xtian preachers, of just about every brand of xtianity, used or tried to use that vile book to justify all manner of crapola. Look at what an ass that vile "saint" Paul was. Yeah, he of the women to be silent in church, home, in the kitchen, barefoot, and of course pregnant. Slavery predates the rise of the xtians of course, but that is NO excuse.
    As to the shit storm over the speech by the drone king, to me it just shows how (excuse my language here, cannot help it) goddamn STUPID so many 'Merikkkans are about not just world history, but even the actual history of the US of A. It does NOT surprise me at all that a former politician, or even one who currently holds office (yeah, I AM looking at YOU lil' Booby Jindal) have next to zero knowledge of US history. Hell, why do they need any? Just get out on the old campaign trail and BS your way to get elected. That is SOP (standard operating procedure) for US politicians and has been for the last few decades in my opinion.
    I apologize to any who were offended by my "intemperate" language above, but there are somethings that I cannot comment on and stay polite with my words. Chalk it up to having been an idiot jar head (Marine).
    Glad Tigger is not upset about the new furniture arrangements. Yes, cats DO like things staying the same, mostly. While I like all animals, they all have their place in this life, cats are still my top favorite.
    Have a great week Michael.

  2. Likewise have a good week...and Tigger's continuing to get comfy...

    Otherwise...just one note, and I'll let you go -- of late, sure, SOME Christian religious leaders lean a bit less towards the temporal (NOT Franklin Graham, son of Billy, but that's a mild tangent); anyway, sure some do lean away, but that's more than made up by your (Marine) General Boykin types, not to mention quite a bit of the rank and to me, that's their business, hey, it's a free country, etc.

    But...they also lean, pretty heavily at times, on non-religious military personnel...and the people in the various countries where our soldiers are deployed can hardly be expected to distinguish between personal expressions and that of a sectarian nature...

    Not that I have any fondness for violent Islam...nor do I have disrespect for non-violent Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, or whoever...what I DO have a tremendous contempt for are those who justify ugliness as "God's will." ANYONE suggesting they know "God's will" is...full of shit.

    But you know that...

    Take it easy.

  3. Michael,
    Yes indeed. I despise fundies of ALL stripes/religions. While I refuse to follow or buy into any of them, I can and do respect those who try to do good for others. The saying about one bad apple spoiling the whole barrel seems to apply too often. We need to stop and not tar them all with the same brush. I try to do that, not so well some days, but, I am only a human being, imperfect as all of us are.