Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ah Yes, The Old Redneck Special Forces Appeal

From Album 5
When Lindsey Graham is your voice or reason...


  1. ho boy! When Lindsey Graham makes the Cruzer look bad, well, you know poor Cruz is in deep crap.
    I really got a kick from Lindsey and his comment that an informed electorate is the best check against gummint tyranny. OK then Lindsey, just WHEN will you bring back the fairness doctrine to the broadcast media? Yeah, I am talking about those "bad old days" when the TV and other media had to provide EQUAL time to BOTH sides of the political spectrum. You DO remember those days, don't you Mr. graham? You ARE old enough to remember them.
    I will continue to wish for, even hope for a really, truly informed electorate in this US of A, but doubt I'll live to see its return. Maybe your great grand kids might have such, unless the morons nuke the whole place first.
    Yes, I am a bit pessimistic today. Well crap, I hurt more than usual and it gets me in a pissy mood some times, today is one of them.
    Hope you and Tigger managed to not get too wet. We had some heavy rain here today and more predicted for tomorrow. Looks like State Capitol Dragway may have to cancel another race set for this Saturday. Odd weather this spring, but hey, it IS Louisiana. If you don't like the weather, just wait about 15 minutes….LOL.
    Take care Michael. Have a good and safe week. Best to you and Mr. Tigger too.

  2. Last I checked -- an hour ago -- Saturday looks to be pretty much a washout...but there's hope for Sunday. Maybe they can schedule the rain date, if you can make it. As for North Carolina, I've visited friends there in the not too distant past -- if there are still ABC shops, they share with regular stores, both grocery and dedicated wine/beer/booze.

    Ted Cruz is...delusional. Oh, people love their myths, including me, I guess, don't we? That we're all self-reliant minutemen, chafing under the boot of big gubmit, that...wants us to pay taxes, and that's about it. Hell, you recall the days of compulsory military service. I don't (closest was Selective Service registration, promoted by Wolfman Jack, of all people...ha). Their BFF country of all time, Israel, demands compulsory military service, has socialized medicine, and even pays for abortions. How about that?

    Well, that's about as disjointed a rant as I've had in a while. Am a bit distracted here, apologies. Gotta get to some stuff, and a surprisingly busy work week (no complaints, though -- hopefully means some measure of job security).

    As for an informed citizenry -- well, if they'd actually fund public education, maybe we'd see an uptick. But of course, that's precisely what they DON'T want: an educated public that votes. Nope. They want a public that accepts shit sandwiches in exchange for being able to vent their rage at anyone unfortunate enough to be even poorer. Sigh.

    I'm a little pessimistic myself today, I guess. Well, let me try to get over it.

    And Tigger just showed up. Better go take care of him.

    Have a good weekend. Hope you can get a little quality time between the storms.