Thursday, March 26, 2015

I Think The Real Question Is...

From Album 5
...are there any people Bolton doesn't want to kill? The guy's psychotic.


  1. Oh NO! Not Bolton again. I thought he had finally crawled into some deep dark hole, never to see the daylight or the media ever again.If only he'd been swallowed by some large black hole near the center of the galaxy. Well, maybe not, might harm the poor old black hole. Any bets that Bolton would be spitted out by said black hole? Unlike even light which cannot escape the gravity of a black hole, I suppose any self respecting black hole would spew his like out immediately, and then rinse for centuries to get the vile taste out of its mouth, see how I assume black holes have mouths? Yeah, might as well go all out.
    You are on a roll this week for sure Michael. Well, I'll let you slide, after all, it IS your birthday week and the big 50 only comes to each of us once in a life time, should we be fortunate enough to make it that long.
    No need for any sort of apology for being young enough to not have "discovered" some bands until later in their careers. Hey, not everybody can be as old as me, thank goodness….LOL. Imagine a world where the majority are 67 or there about, what a mess of old codgers that would be. Hey, you dang kids, get OFF my lawn! LOL.
    OK have a fun night. Enjoy the rest of the week. Hi to Mr. Tigger.

  2. There's a BBC show called The Thick of It that I liked enough to get the DVDs for. You can also catch it on Hulu, I think. Anyway, one of the characters, played by Peter Capaldi (who's now Dr. Who -- which I never watched...not that I don't like it, it just never showed up on my radar screen); anyway, sorry to digress, but the character, named Malcolm Tucker, says of someone at some point, "He so dense light bends around him." Love that line. Probably applies to Bolton as well.

    Yeah, a black hole would probably reject him...don't know if it'd be professional courtesy, or just disgust as what a vile thing he is...and represents.

    As to the Allmans, well, yeah -- no one gets to choose when they're born, and I came along late...that said, long after Duane and Berry Oakley, I did get to see them, up in Wisconsin at a place called Alpine Valley. Hahaha-- got there late (because I had to change the brake pads on my car), was told no tickets remained...but as I sulked/walked back towards the car I FOUND a valid ticket lying on the ground. My lucky day. Better still, while it rained pretty heavily, it passed through by the end of the show, so the ride back to Madison wasn't white knuckle.Ah...youth.

    As for 67 year olds as a majority, well...would depend on the 67 year olds, right? Some people learn throughout life, and have a certain...wisdom...others become Republicans.

    Over here, fun is a nice quiet evening...Tigger's happy, he's fed, and time to kick back with a few drinks, a decent dinner...and a nice weekend. Won't even mind cutting the grass, since the weather's supposed to cooperate.

    Hope your weekend's good as well.