Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Cat Blogging With Photoshop

From Album 5
This week Tigger's here because of this very appropriate analogy. Wow.

Have a good weekend.


  1. The main difference between the Mafia and the Wally Streeters is that the Mafia has a code of honor and enforce it. The Wally Streeters only care about their ever increasing obscene profits, no matter who gets hurt, as long as they reap obscene profits and bonuses, all is A-OK with them.
    What a system.
    Hope you and Tigger have a great weekend. We'll try to enjoy it here. Hey, at least the weather is supposed to be decent. Enjoy, but stay safe.

  2. Well, the weekend here was quite good -- good enough to make the lawn stuff almost enjoyable...almost.

    And yeah, the Wall Streeters really are fuckwads. Remember when they threw monster hissy fits over their bonuses after the bailout, and the very modest suggestion that bonuses ought to have some limits that year, because, you know, they almost blew the whole thing to smithereens, so a "reward" wasn't exactly in keeping with performance? As it was, they were still going to get one, just not the multi-millions they'd come to expect...and you would've thought they were being forced to wear rags and eat gruel.

    Same with this -- the very suggestion that they might want to limit their greed and not kill the goose laying the golden eggs...

    And yeah, a fairly tale analogy is probably appropriate...because they're acting like children.

    Well, another week begins...back to stuff here. Have a good one.