Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Cat Blogging With Photoshop

From Album 5
Hubble Telescope edition...well, at least a Lego model of it.

Have a good weekend.


  1. That Nova program was one that showed us how good TV can be. Amazing the photos they have taken since they fixed the mirrors. I have NASA web sites bookmarked for the Hubble photos, saved to an external hard drive even. The program could have been four hours long and still I'd have been wanting more. Yeah, I know, I can get as greedy as the next fool at times. Usually for good things though.
    Hope your weekend goes well.

  2. Yes, it's example front and center of the common good coming together...and using science to really discover how amazing the universe is...this despite the initial setback, which in some ways makes it even more amazing. I remember very well the disappointment of the initial images, and then the holy-shit-wow (at least from me) when, first, they fixed it, no small task there...and then when the fixed scope...really expanded out horizons. No wonder the loonies hate it: if a supreme being DID exist, she/he/it sure did make the old earth pretty puny. Not exactly an object to obsess over, much less play favorites among one single species.

    Yeah, that NOVA show is bookmarked. I'll be watching it again.

    Hope your weekend went ok. Over here, it was good. Did the yard, avoided the rain, and even avoided the deluge today. Man, that was some serious rain/wind, and whatnot. Lots of downed trees and debris...and this morning the sky was...menacing.

    Fortunately the power stayed on...and the cat did ok, though I think he mostly hid under the sofa. Hey, he's not dumb.

    Well, were getting more rain now, so I'll go check on least it should clear up for the rest of the week...and it does clean the air out at least a bit.

    Take it easy.