Friday, March 06, 2015

Friday Cat Blogging With Photoshop

From Album 5
A serious theme today -- Selma, 50 years on. Let's not kid ourselves: it was quite a struggle, and one that continues. John Lewis, pictured, is a genuine American hero.

Have a good weekend.


  1. The worst part of the history of Selma is, things have not got much better at all for the people of this country since then. Yes, 50 years later and so very little has actually improved. That makes me sad and ashamed of this country I was born and raised in. We never seem to learn to live with each other. All because somebody has a nicer/darker tan than some other person. Or, as recently, even worse, they believe in a different religion.
    And so it goes……..ever on and on, maybe some day, people WILL actually learn to set aside these petty differences. Wish I live to see it, but doubt I will.
    Hope your weekend goes OK.

  2. My weekend was the necessary things done, filled the sinkhole again. It's not that big...maybe a foot and a half deep by two to three feet wide...didn't get to the hardware store for Kwikcrete -- yet -- but with gravel and a concrete block topping it, hopefully it'll hold well enough...guess we'll see with all the rain.

    And...sorry to bore you, but to repeat: you're right...and it doesn't have to be that way. Something that continues to strike me is the number of times Martin Luther King noted society's "material abundance," and, well...yeah, it's in no small part due to global exploitation, but...that's not going to change any time soon...and I'll leave it at that. Actually, my own opinion, without facts to back it up (yet) is that there's more than sufficient "material abundance" to at least check to some extent the more egregious aspects of poverty...especially here in the USA.

    And it's not like the haters couldn't still get their hate on. Hell, that might make it even easier: their hatred wouldn't come with some genuinely ugly repercussions.

    But haters gotta hate, sadly. And if they can't do it with legal discrimination, they sure do come up with other means -- gutting the public schools, red-lining the impoverished neighborhoods, arresting -- or worse -- the "thugs."

    And yeah, there's even a "religious" component. The Klan certainly thought they were doing "God's work."

    Well...shit. Like I said, my goal is a simple retirement, and a little more time to read books that I should've read in college, learn some home improvement skills and act on own American Dream. We'll see...

    Hope you weekend was ok as well. Take it easy.