Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Catblogging
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The audacity (audakitty?) of hope.

From First Draft via Adrastos. Maybe I'll email it to Cats for Obama if I can manufacture some time.

Otherwise, sorry for the slow pace and sometimes speed over quality element of posts lately. It's been busy here at work.
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The Mother of All Tinfoil Hats.

What We Have Here...
From 2Millionth Web Log a failure to communicate properly regulate.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Greenspan Candyland
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Where Santa meets the Easter Bunny meets...the morally upright businessman.
McCain's Last Stand?
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True, a lot of things can happen in two weeks; however, this sort of strategery suggests that the goal is less "win" and more "keep from being blown out of the water."

Note: being here in mouth-breather country, I really haven't seen any advertising beyond what must be a few Obama national media purchases. If I do happen across a McCain ad, I'll let you know--that could be indicative of a potential landslide.
Greenspan: "I'm Shocked, Shocked..."
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Shorter Alan Greenspan:

The prevailing wind is from Vichy.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bachmann Wingnut Overdrive
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No more love from the NRCC, even though she insists it was all "Tweety's fault."
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"You have been the victim of a fashion crime."

Multitasking in the McCain campaign.
Women's Problems Redux
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So, Bill Bennett and Rick Davis decided to recreate an SNL classic from the late 70s:

Steve: Good afternoon, welcome to "Women's Problems". I'm your host, Steve. With me today, our panel of regulars -- Brad...Mike...and Craig. Okay, let's get to it, come on we've got a lot of ground to cover...

Mike: Yeah.

Craig: Let's get to it!

Steve: We've got a lot of women's problems to discuss..

Mike: Damn straight! Damn straight!

Brad: Last time, we were talking about problems from women in careers. I've got a couple of things I'd like to get off of my chest.

Steve: Go ahead, man!

Brad: Any woman who wants a career, she's got two problems -- 1. her career; 2. this baby thing. I don't care who she is, what she says -- there isn't a broad alive who doesn't feel unfulfilled if she doesn't have a baby.

Mike: Damn straight! Damn straight on that! Yes!

Craig: If they could just make a decision and stick to it!

Steve: There you go.

Mike: Exactly, Craig. You get tired of hearing it, man?

Brad: I think I may want a kid...when I'm 40, late 40's, something like that. If that happens, I'll divorce my wife and marry a girl in her 20's.

Mike: Right on!

Brad: I'll take that chance. That's life. But you're not gonna hear me whining about it all the time.

Steve: Well, that brings up another terrible women's problem -- whining. That is a problem

[ the men argue this point between themselves ]

Mike: I think you guys are missing the point, though. you see, if a woman steps out of line, man, see, she's asking her man to show that he cares by slapping her around a little bit!

Brad: Amen!

Mike: See? Now, if one of my women gives me trouble, I will whap her on the butt with a car antenna! 'Til she's says she's sorry!

Steve: Well, uh.. it's a different system, Mike. I mean...sometimes a man can gain more ground by trying to understand, you know, whatever particular problems that particular broad might have...
Respectable Republican Cloth Coat Shop Till You Drop
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They dropped down almost four times what Joe the Plumber actually makes (gross, not net) on just over a month. Yeah, real salt of the earth, eh?

Red has emerged as a key colour, worn at upbeat moments in such guises as a red leather jacket with a clinging short black skirt, and a tight red suit with a ribbon under the bust.

You know, I recall another Republican of late who had a thing for red leather. Charming...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuns Out He Plasters the Makeup on Like a Trollop After All

Does this mean he'll call himself a c**t?
A Record of Hate
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Every dog has its day...and every wingnut has their Macaca moment.
If Obama="The One," Then Bush="The Negative One"
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Remember, the Tories are the British conservatives:

However well-intentioned it was, the catastrophic and unpopular intervention in Iraq has served in some parts of the world to discredit the very idea of western democracy.

The recent collapse of the banking system, and the humiliating resort to semi-socialist solutions, has done a great deal to discredit - in some people's eyes - the idea of free-market capitalism.

Democracy and capitalism are the two great pillars of the American idea.

To have rocked one of those pillars may be regarded as a misfortune.

To have damaged the reputation of both, at home and abroad, is a pretty stunning achievement for an American president.
Joe Dirt
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If Greenwald's correct and Harry Reid doesn't show Joe the door--preferably with it hitting him on the way out--well, that's just wuss extraordinaire.

Lieberman, in his own way, is as much an embarrassment to the Democratic Party as Sarah Palin is to the Rethugs.

You know, something tells me an incoming Obama administration won't tolerate Reid wimping out.

Monday, October 20, 2008

"Fried Chicken...Or Collard Greens or Whatever the Hell They Serve" *

Colin Powell is once again a black man in wingnut eyes.

Meanwhile, Robin Hayes let loose his inner troglodyte.

Note to Robin: Liberals don't hate America--we hate YOU. And I speak only for myself, but I definitely do NOT believe you are a Christian, and am beginning to think you aren't an American, either.
From the "They Deserve Each Other" Department
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Like water seeking the lowest level, Judith Miller has slithered her way into the Fox News gutter (via).

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The McCain camp solicits Mother Russia:

The Russian Mission to the United Nations issued a bizarre statement to the UN press corps today stating simply, "We have received a letter from Senator John McCain requesting financial contribution to his Presidential campaign. In this connection we would like to reiterate that Russian officials, the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations or the Russian Government do not finance political activity in foreign countries."

And they accuse Obama of being a socialist. I swear, McCain projects more than a multiplex theater.
This Week's Sleaze
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McCain's latest accusation is that Obama's threatening public financing of campaigns by...accepting campaign contributions from the public.

I suppose, on a relative scale, this spew is pretty minor compared to the other toxins wafting forth from Camp McCain--still, it's just the latest in a whole series of things that yer free press corpse would savage a Democratic candidate for doing.

Interestingly, I haven't read a single report of late about John McCain's gaming of the campaign finance system. Imagine the howls of protest if Obama--or any other Democrat--had done something similar.