Saturday, March 01, 2008

Saturday "What I Found on You Tube" Post

Dylan/Seuss...together at last.

If you like it, do a search for "Dylan Hears a Who" and you'll find more.

Update: Ah, why not--how about a double dose?

Friday, February 29, 2008

Thank You For Your Service

The Bush administration announces a special award for Iraqi and Afghan translators who risked their lives and the lives of their families to assist the US--The Order of the Metal Jacketed 7.62mm Bullet:

The State Department has stopped processing the applications of 551 Iraqi and Afghan translators seeking special visas to come to the United States, because the current legal quota of 500 visas for the program this year is about to be reached, according to department officials.

The applicants, all of whom have worked for U.S. military forces, received an e-mail notice from the State Department's National Visa Center last week. "We have temporarily stopped processing cases," the message said, adding that "the applicant should NOT make any travel arrangements, sell property or give up employment until the US Embassy or Consulate General has issued a visa."

The halt is the latest obstacle for many of the several thousand translators who have worked for U.S. military units in Iraq and Afghanistan, risking their lives and leaving their families vulnerable to retaliation from insurgents who see them as accomplices of American troops. More than 250 interpreters working for U.S. forces or their contractors have been killed in Iraq since the U.S.-led invasion in 2003. Many American service members have worked to help their former translators gain a visa to come to the United States under a 2006 congressional program initially designed to admit 50 translators per year, a quota later increased to 500.
A Regular Minister of Morality

The Rude Pundit notes the latest "accomplishment" of The Gret Stet's junior senator.
Just Sayin'

If you represent a political organization that pushes "English only" laws, it might be a good practice to speak and/or write it properly yourself.
Plus ça Change...

Well, except that back in the day, the press corpse didn't necessarily take Dick at his word.

Watching Shrub's little performance--a mix and match of scared rabbit and bellowing bully--reminds me of the Mencken quote about how the only way you should look at a politician is down. Shrub's beneath contempt, as are those who continue to enable him.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Any Lower and It'd be Monopoly Money

Yet another example of Team Bush incompetence.
Because Freedom Isn't Free

Prison nation.

And what a coincidence--Wired News reports on the release of more Abu Ghraib photos.
Hagee? More Like Haggis

John Hagee is a sick, sick individual...and, unbelievably, I actually find myself agreeing...this one time...with Bill Donohue.

I hope that's not a sign of the Apocalypse that Hagee is desperately trying to bring about...
The Manchurian General?

Can we really TRUST a general named OMAR? Maybe success at D-Day and in the Ruhr Valley was all just part of a LONG TERM PLAN...that's how THEY think, after all.

Juan Cole has more on the name calling/red-meat absurdities.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Full. Of. Shit.

This non-story is precisely the problem with the fourth estate in this country, and the root of the problem is with mediawhore hacks like Russert or Kristol masquerading as journalists.

The very idea that McCain's allegation could be presented as anything but a flat-out lie speaks volumes, as does the fact that, yes, media "flattery" of Barack Obama consists in--gasp!--actually reporting what he said and not offering some sort of spin undertow.

Claiming Al Qaeda in Iraq is "Al Qaeda" is like claiming Tortelvis is Led Zepplin. It's an insult to the intelligence of anyone with a triple digit IQ and makes a mockery of journalism.

And people wonder why this generation prefers Jon Stewart. At least he's true to himself...
The Legacy Thing

Swami Shrub engaged in more navel-gazing. They really are pathetic, grasping at just about anything in hopes of justifying utter failure.
Employing Tim Russert "Logic"

Mr. Russert, given that you're employed by the "librul" media, and given that you proudly and often note your blue collar origins in Buffalo, New York, where anarchist Leon Czolgosz assassinated President McKinley, and given that you've never gone on record as having denounced the assassination, Czolgosz, or anarchism (but instead, speak proudly of your blue-collar upbringing) and given that anarchism might as well be terrorism, why shouldn't we assume that you're secretly rooting for your best buddy Osama?

Just sayin.
Acquisitions and Mergers

A news conference has been scheduled by Satan where it's expected he will officially announce the acquisition of William F. Buckley, Jr.'s soul for all eternity.

An initial agreement had been made some half a century ago or more, but the ultimate deadline was reached only this morning.

While no specific circle has been named, speculation is that Buckley will be assigned to the eighth, perhaps in Bolgia 4, reserved for sorcerers and false prophets. It's expected there will be an additional announcement once Bill's head is twisted backwards on his body, permitting him to see only in the past and not the future.

In other Satan-related news, the European Union fined Microsoft a record $1.3 billion dollars.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"That's Impossible, Mr. President..."

"I mean, look at the big board! Thirty-four planes, thirty recalls acknowledged, and four splashes, and one of them was targeted for Lapuda!"

Not all that long ago, in comments at YRHT, a winger smugly informed me that stagflation simply wasn't possible, and I guess he should know, having,, he never actually explained why he felt so eminently qualified to lecture me on economic theory, beyond fealty to "conservative" principles.

And if I remember right, the same expert also made assurances that the Dow would reach 14,000 by New Years Day, but being a wingnut means never having to admit your errors, I guess:

It's a toxic economic mix the nation hasn't seen in three decades: Prices are speeding upward at the fastest pace in a quarter century, even as the economy loses steam.

Economists call the disease "stagflation," and they're worried it might be coming back.

Already, paychecks aren't stretching as far, and jobs are harder to find, threatening to set off a vicious cycle that could make things even worse.

The economy nearly stalled in the final three months of last year and probably is barely growing or even shrinking now. That's the "stagnation" part of the ailment. Typically, that slowdown should slow inflation as well--the second part of the diagnosis--but prices are still marching higher.

The latest worrisome news came Tuesday: a government report showing wholesale prices climbed 7.4 percent in the past year. That was the biggest annual leap since 1981.

But why should ANYONE be surprised? As the worst administration ever lurches towards the finish line, who would expect things to be different from any other "work" George W. Bush has ever done?
Hope You Liked the Shock and Awe

Buried in this article about Red Stick's lousy traffic is the following admission:

State highway officials say the state has a $14 billion backlog of road and bridge needs, and no clear answers on how to address it.

Now, where do you think we could find the money?
Channeling His Inner Lesko *

More from TPM on the Straight Talk Train Wreck when it comes to ethics and campaign finance.
A "Kitchen Sink Fusillade" as Firewall

I'm guessing--and hoping--that this tactic by the Clinton campaign will be seen as desperation and rejected by the electorate.

However, this sort of stuff has a way of coming back to bite. I sure as hell don't want to see Camp Clinton doing the GOP's oppo research for them.

Monday, February 25, 2008

A License Plate Ex-Senator Allen Could Love

I wonder if they'll market a lapel pin version?
The Clothes Make The Man

I guess everyone's read or heard about the Obama wardrobe controversy:

Or, sorry, wrong picture

Worse, I don't see a flag pin...or a belt buckle the size of, um, Texas.

Next thing you know, Obama might REALLY do something turn out to be the candidate the public would "most like to have a beer with."

Pretty sinister, eh?
Differing Theories

Re: the very convenient "technical difficulties" that prevented the airing of a 60 Minutes segment critical of a highly suspicious prosecution of former Democratic Governor Don Siegelman (who's doing his time at Oakdale, by the way).

Some blame the man sleazeball behind the curtain

Others say is was honest mistake by Rose Mary Woods Rove
Slime Peddlers of the GOP, Unite!

Little Billy rallies to the cause of flag pins while, ever the diplomat, all but uses the word "uppity" in attempting to smear Michelle Obama...meanwhile, the rest of the noise machine test markets "not patriotic enough" to see how far it'll fly.

Welcome to the next six months of the GOP campaign, aka Slimeballpalooza. To be followed by an extended defense of eight years of scoundrelry as "patriotism."