Friday, June 05, 2009

Friday Cat Blogging With Photoshop
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Tigger visits The Daily Show.
A Clear Choice
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Look, I'm getting too old and for some time have been too cynical to think of politicians as heroes, philosopher or warrior kings, etc. and whatnot. EVERY election, even the last one, is a lesser of evils thing for me. There will be times that Barack Obama's decisions will, at the very least, disappoint the hell out of me. Shit, he's a Democrat. Disappointing progressives is in the Democratic Party's blood.

Still...his address yesterday was something that all of us can and should be proud of. Obama speaks to us as adults, and he speaks to the rest of the world as adults.

In contrast, your average wingnut seems to have the mental age of a teenager.

Or a drunken teenager.

Which would all be fine and amusing if the stakes weren't so high...

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Half Assed Retraction
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So easy, a caveman* could do it.

Cross posted at First Draft with a different link.

*search for "Cave Man Newt"
Not Exactly News, But...
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Ari Fleischer opened his mouth and said something stupid...again.

I swear, the stunted emotional growth of your average wingnut is astounding. Makes you wonder how they crawl out of bed in the morning...or curl up at night, considering how petrified they must be of what's either under it or inside the closet.
On a Unionized Workforce

When unions were at the peak of their strength, General Motors produced this--
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My father drove one just like what's pictured when I was a young. He knew it was a classic, and even his kids understood that there was something really special about the car.

After a generation of union bashing, General Motors produced this--
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The Pontiac Aztek. What else do you need to say?

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Featuring Norm Coleman
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Now held over for a 28th straight week in the Minnesota judicial system...will a traveling performance on the Federal circuit follow? Stay tuned.

Photo/caption inspired by this.
Dating Advice From 'Ricky G'
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Santorum truly thinks he's one hep cat.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Dog Bites Man...And Aging Racist Pat Buchanan Makes Racist Remarks...
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The ONLY reason for Pat Buchanan to make 'the news' should be as object of scorn and derision...a prime example of the small minded bigotry of yesteryear.
What's Wrong With This Picture?
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Well, for starters, Bill Kristol wouldn't get within several nautical miles of actual military service...and would probably piss himself out of sheer fright if ever forced to.
What Else Can You Say, Except...
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...'what a dick.' Cheney's a sociopath, pure and simple. And a lying sack of shit.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Tis the Season
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Red Stick, Blue Roofs

I had the final five hundred dollars or so of roof repairs done a couple of weeks ago...just in time for a new storm season. The grand total was around six hundred fifty dollars...and, to repeat, I'm EXTREMELY lucky. See here.

They say indications point to a quiet season--let's sure as hell hope so. Decided to skip on the tax holiday promotion mostly because I took care of most things incrementally over the last nine months or so when Gustav woke me up. Crank radio? Check. Generator that I hope to never have to use? Check. Flashlights, batteries, power packs...containers that hold plenty of water and will go IMMEDIATELY into the freezer in the event of even a hurricane watch? Yep.

Wish us luck.
The Banality of Randall Terry
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I think what's struck me most about the terrorist murder of George Tiller is the absolutely arrogant, self-serving, puerile 'statements' from Randall Terry, who most certainly (along with people like Bill O'Reilly) bears more than a little responsibility for this horrible crime. Idiots like Terry have deliberately sensationalized a VERY complicated issue for the cheapest of poltical gains--raw power and sadistic control fantasies. In doing so, they've enabled equally deranged individuals...they could just as easily have provided the ammunition and/or a map to the location; however, their rhetoric alone is sufficient indictment.

It's a shame there's no hell, because few are more deserving to rot in it than people like Scott Roeder, Bill O'Reilly, and Randall Terry.

And the more I learn about George Tiller--I'd vaguely heard of, but didn't really know much about him--the more he seems to be a genuine American hero.