Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Cat Blogging With Photoshop
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Zulu bead edition.
Your Choice

Why sit down for an intelligent conversation with Paul Krugman or Robert Reich when you can hang out with Rush & Mitch?
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Grand Old Embarrassment.
Upon Request
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Per Oyster's request, and in light of the story I linked to below.

You know, you could call this "Reaganesque" in the sense that Ronald Reagan often confused reality with movies or story telling...
That Hissing Sound You Hear...
From 2Millionth Web Log the rapidly deflating bid of a certain candidate for high office.
Poster Boy
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The Party of No and El Rushbo:

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, one of the nation’s largest and most politically active labor unions, and Americans United for Change, a labor advocacy group, have joined together to produce a TV ad that mashes clips of Republican congressional leaders’ reactions against the $787 billion stimulus package with Rush Limbaugh’s opposition to the White House initiative.

The commercial, which a group spokesman said would be broadcast on some cable networks and possibly the Sunday news shows early next week, attempts to paint Mr. Limbaugh, the talk radio show host, as the titular head of the Republican party.

It intersperses clips of American workers, teachers and foreclosure signs with the leaders using the word "no." And the ad ends with Mr. Limbaugh’s declaration toward President Obama from a few weeks ago: "I want him to fail," and then a narrator concludes: "Tell them America won’t take no for an answer."

To cite Molly Ivins' advice, tie Rush--and Dubya--to the GOP as tight as a dead chicken around a dog's neck.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Straw Man Argument
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Benen and Greenwald rip Rove a new one.
Creative License
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I suppose at this point it hardly matters, but you can be sure the wingnut chorus would be howling if a Democratic politician opted for such embellishment:

The evidence continues to grow that the story Bobby Jindal told Tuesday night -- about how he backed a tough-talking sheriff's efforts to rescue Katrina victims, government red-tape be damed -- was, how to put it ... made up.
I'm More Convinced Than Ever That...
From 2Millionth Web Log's no longer a matter of left versus right in this country, but reasonably intelligent versus just plain stoopid:

This morning on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, a caller asked Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) how Republicans would solve the current economic crisis. He replied by insisting that the best cure was more tax cuts, and said that recessions are simply "part of freedom":
I don’t think we can figure out how to outlaw recessions any more than we can outlaw tornadoes or outlaw hurricanes. … Economic growth has never gone in one straight line up. It goes in a zigzag line. It’s a part of freedom. Sometimes freedom can be messy. Sometimes freedom has reversals. But it certainly beats the alternative.

Sigh--ignorance might be bliss, but blowing up the global economic and finance system isn't.
Home Cooking Gone Bad

I pointed this out in my First Draft post today--when the local paper that's been relentlessly promoting you since well before you even ran for governor notes this degree of criticism and even derision (Kenneth the Page) then it's definitely NOT good.

Packing off to Disney World's probably a good idea right now...another good idea would be to lay low for a while and hope that the nation's attention span is nano-seconds long...however, PBJ is slated to appear on 60 Minutes. Presumably this was taped before Tuesday's debacle, and will likely play more to his strength than a formal address. We'll see, I guess.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

There's Class Warfare, But is There Such a Thing as "No Class" Warfare?

You'd think David Vitter would at least know to deflect these sorts of questions with some variation of "no comment," given his own questionable behavior. Nope:

Despite his own refusal to resign after admitting to being a former patron of the "DC Madam", Vitter dismissed the notion that his demands of Burris are hypocritical. "I honestly don’t know anybody who would compare these situations. They are dramatically different," Vitter said.

That's just the sort of hubris that could cost him in 2010...although, sad to say, Vitter, horrible as he is, would actually be the lesser of evils versus Tony Perkins... and let's not kid ourselves: sure, I'd vote for Stormy Daniels if it came down to her versus either Vitter or Perkins...but in all seriousness, I believe Ms. Daniels is more promoting her existing career than running a serious campaign.
Rush Has a Man Crush

So the reaction to Jindal's speech isn't uniformly bad...
Also Participating in Last Night's Events...
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So, looks like the governor's national debut results in a participation best. The reality based community was rendered speechless--literally--by the stale rehashing of, no pun intended, discredited GOP boilerplate...then there was criticism of the Bush administration response to Katrina and the flood that constituted the load-gun, point-gun-at-foot, pull-trigger portion of the speech.

Local media is going pretty easy on the governor; I don't think is being deliberately ironic when they note that Jindal's getting out of town--and out of the spotlight--for a while, specifically, taking a trip to...Disney World.


Meantime, thanks for playing. Enjoy your little trophy.

Update: when the talking point becomes "Kenneth the Page," it's definitely NOT good.
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Monday, February 23, 2009

Going to the Mardi Gras

Thanks as always to anyone who stops by--I'll be taking tomorrow off in search of Zulu beads especially, and will spend a bit of money in the city, hopefully providing a small bit of stimulus to the NOLA economy.

Back on Wednesday.
Yglesias: Dope More Popular Than Dopes
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Link. Ending the ridiculous drug war is one instance of less government I could wholeheartedly support. Conservatives who support the drug war make a mockery of individual freedom and limited government.
I Wonder if Their Trailers are Toxic as Well...
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The trailerization of entire communities during the Bush administration wasn't merely a domestic phenomenon:

Her twin sisters were killed trying to flee Falluja in 2004. Then her husband was killed by a car bomb in Baghdad just after she had become pregnant. When her own twins were 5 months old, one was killed by an explosive planted in a Baghdad market.

Now, Nacham Jaleel Kadim, 23, lives with her remaining daughter in a trailer park for war widows and their families in one of the poorest parts of Iraq’s capital.

That makes her one of the lucky ones. The trailer park, called Al Waffa, or "Park of the Grateful," is among the few aid programs available for Iraq’s estimated 740,000 widows. It houses 750 people.