Friday, January 16, 2009

The Abstinence Clown

Your tax dollars at work.
Would You Buy a Used Asset From This Man?
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Let's just say not exactly low miles and no money down.
Shorter Grover Norquist
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Taxing corporations=torture.

What a weenie. A weenie who should have been removed from the realm of public debate a LONG time ago.

Despite only a single person suffering major injury, I wouldn't wish what happened to the US Airways plane on anyone...not even high ranking officials for Team Bush and their neo-con wingnut minions.

That said, I find it fitting that on a day when George W. Bush, for one last time, stood before a hand-picked audience and petulantly waved the bloody flag of 9/11 as both badge of honor and justification for almost eight years of law-breaking AND two obscene, ugly wars...I find it fitting that he, most deservedly and most decidedly, was not the headline. Instead, his place was below the fold, if not buried within the "D" section in favor of a story out of New York, involving a plane...but where true heroism and genuine values overcame a crisis and prevented a catastrophe, without the loss of a single life.

There's a lesson there.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wingnuts Make the Darndest Excuses

E.g., John Tanner.
Gret Stet Stories

Looks like Vitter stepped out on a limb as the Senate Foreign Relations Committee sole opposition vote to confirm Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State...

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Truth is, Vitter's stance might help his image a bit down here--plenty enough Gret Stet voters prefer style over substance, which might account for our delegation's less than stellar rank, at least according to BooMan. Hillary Hatred, for the mouth breathers, might be more important than, oh, I don't know, jobs, coastal restoration and/or storm protection...funny how that goes.

Meanwhile, Joseph Cao is proving to be an interesting political figure, forcing Michael Weiner to choose between blind Republican Party loyalty and blind batshit insane ignorant you probably know or guessed, Weiner opted for the latter, insisting that the wogs mostly are a beastly bunch, unworthy of the blessings of White Christian know, the same sorts of things other people used to say about the Jews.

Savage certainly has the blind part down pat. The dumb part down too...
Bush Proclaims 'Bring a Blastocyst to Work Day'
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Because after all, inside every little 70 or so cell bundle is a fraternity prank waiting to happen one day.
At a Secure, Undisclosed Location Somewhere...
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Big Time's popping another nitro pill and wondering how email and other electronic communications could be shredded. OK, probably not, but it would be small justice if he WAS made to sweat in some way...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Just Sort of Grumpy and Creepy Right Up to the Bitter End
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What a Coincidence
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George W. Bush doesn't much care for the public...and we don't much care for him.

And, it's small punishment, to be sure, but Antonin Scalia's (scroll down to #30) enduring legacy will be as the cretin who installed Shrub's sorry ass in the first place, thus ensuring posterity will regard him as a twit.

Let's just hope the interesting times we live in don't become even more desperate times...
Packing It In...So to Speak
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Vitty's the GOP choice as the public face of opposition to the second part of the bailout.
Forget It, Barack. It's Cheneytown *
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Your father got five military deferments. So did your grandfather.

My personal reaction is skepticism regarding Obama's reaching out to wingnuttia. I told a friend by email the other day that it would not surprise me at all if an attempt from Obama to "reach across the aisle" would result in an attempt by the Rethugs to slice his hand off. After all, they've spent an entire generation engaged in the ugliest, most puerile form of political partisanship to the extent that the still routinely use "Jimmy Carter" as an expletive, not to mention "liberal."

Aside: and it still pisses me off to no end that Carter and the other neo-liberals let them get away with it. Nice work there. Selling out your principles in order to...ensure the defeat of your principles. No wonder Harry Reid's Majority Leader.

Anyway--that said, Obama got himself elected, and like Hullabaloo implies, maybe this is an example of his diplomacy...but if Obama honestly believes he can get the wingnuts to call off the dogs...then I think he's a LOT more naïve than I guessed.

And that worries me: the LAST thing we need is another "Jimmy Carter" for the Rethugs to sneer about.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shorter Ehud Olmert
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When I call for garçon, I will not wait, but expect immediate service.

You know, this is part of why Shrub's such a goddamned pain in the ass. On certain issues, he'll become as servile as he is imperious and haughty on others.
Down the Memory Hole
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Billmon, as usual, says it so much better than I ever could.
Dick Cheney's "O" Face
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Big Time loves him some torture...and I bet he loves him some defense of torture...some First Amendment? Um, not so much.

Amazing, though, isn't it, that wingers openly cite TV dramas as the ideological underpinning that somehow justifies, in the end, not just degrading treatment of god knows who, but the degredation of OUR civil society? I mean, it's a fucking TV show. Have we as a nation declined THAT MUCH?

Good grief.
One Last Chance to Kick Dubya Around
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His master's ouevre

You'd think after such a bizarro performance yesterday that Shrub's handlers, after a bit of compulsive lying and ritual distortion, would do their level best to hide him away for the next week.


They can't help themselves...

And--if Democrats don't spend the next few years smearing Dubya's everlasting stench all over the wingers, and if they don't refer to him with the same sneering contempt with with the Rethugs uttered the name "Jimmy Carter" for all these years, then they'll prove themselves almost as dumb as Dubya himself.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Make it Stop. Please.

Whenever George W. Bush defends his performance with regards to Katrina and the flood, I'm reminded of Bill Hicks channeling LAPD Officer Koon from the Rodney King beating incident:

It all depends on how you look at the tape...for instance, if you look at it backwards, were helping [King] on his feet and sending him on his way.

I guess in a similar vein, Shrub must think that if we just run it all backwards, he's draining the city, fixing the levee and floodwall breaches and welcoming people back into their homes. Mission accomplished.

It continues to amaze me that the people crowing the loudest about "no terrorist attacks after 9/11!" (as if he's allowed a mulligan on that one) don't note the tragic irony of losing a city to what could just as easily BEEN an act of terror (after all, it was an act of negligence--poor design and maintenance of levees and floodwalls--that caused the damage, not Mother Nature.)

And New Orleans isn't the only city that Bush administration policies ravaged. In fact, I'd bet that you can go to almost any city in this country and see damage somewhere.

But Shrub's blind to that. Instead, he's managed to delude himself into thinking he's done a "heckuva job."
Mark Kirk--White Trash
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What a disgusting little cretin.
Causes Nausea, Diarrhea, and Headaches, Too
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No wonder wingnuts thought it was the perfect cure for what ailed 'em.