Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Cat Blogging Double Feature

Tigger as Garbo: "I want to be let alone."

And as Norma Desmond: "All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close up."
I Mean, Really--You Can Hardly Tell the Difference

One was taken at Guantanamo...and one wasn't. But which one?

John McCain, who knows a thing or two about the good life, insists those brown-skinned ingrates at Guantanamo don't know how good they've got it.

After all, who doesn't like a choice between lemon chicken and lemon fish?
Amazing What You Can Find in Vending Machines These Days...

Right next to Whoppers...fitting.
McCain: "I Created the 'Tele-Phone Do Not Call List' "

Put a sock in it.

Next thing you know he'll claim he's working on a portable "Speaking Tube" for the Horseless Carriage. Just a regular Edison, that McCain fella.
Senior McCain Advisor for the Undead

Gramm just won't go away.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

On Dealing With Toxic Waste

According to TPM, the Obama campaign will take more aggressive steps in countering the odious Jerome Corsi, et al...good.

Toxic waste removal is never a pleasant chore, but it's got to be done, and must be done thoroughly. Corsi's a creep, pure and simple.
No Bars

But plenty of jellyfish--mmmm!

Another example of "our" fate, that is, Louisiana's, being your fate, too:

In a study to be published Friday in the journal Science, researchers say the number of marine "dead zones" around the world has doubled about every 10 years since the 1960s. At the same time, the zones along many coastlines have been growing in size and intensity. About 400 coastal areas now have periodically or permanently oxygen-starved bottom waters. Combined, they constitute an area larger than the state of Oregon...

While the size of dead zones is small relative to the total surface of the earth covered by oceans, scientists say they represent a significant portion of the ocean waters that support commercial fish and shellfish species.

But enough of "our" versus "yours." It's all "our" fate.

Besides, having actually tried jellyfish (at a Chinese restaurant in New York) I can assure you that few things are quite as unappetizing.
Smelled Like...Victory

The President enumerates his concerns for the victims...

This is victory as defined by wingnuttia:

A female suicide bomber struck Shiite pilgrims south of Baghdad, killing at least 26 people and wounding dozens, police said. It was the deadliest in a series of attacks on travelers heading to the holy city of Karbala for a major religious festival.

Lost in the blissful glow of The All Glorious and Successful Surge that damn straight stuck it to all them defeatist libruls is the fact that horrific acts like this occur on an all too common basis in "The New Iraq."

With success like this, who needs failure? it just me, or do others wonder--when wingnuts blather about how "the surge is working and now we're successful," doesn't that imply that we WEREN'T successful before? Makes you wonder why they hate the military so much...

She's everywhere she wants to be...and doesn't even have to leave the studio

I guess some States in the United States are"State-iness" than others (like "truthiness," but for States).

As for Cokie herself, her "Kodak moment" has sort of faded from the limelight, although a google search turns up a few references. And, now that she's looking to become Conventional Wisdom Emeritus, Eric Alterman offers some parting thoughts.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Like Getting Called Up to the Big Leagues

Special Note: I was invited to make a guest post tomorrow at First Draft. Needless to say, I'm more than a little honored and excited.

See you there--or over here.
Dr. McStrangelove

Cut to: Ripper's office. Mandrake is sitting worriedly on a couch. Ripper puts a comforting arm around his shoulder.
(through his cigar) Mandrake,
Yes, Jack?
Have you ever seen a commie drink a glass of water?
Well, no I... I can't say I have, Jack.
Vodka. That's what they drink, isn't it? Never water?
Well I... I believe that's what they drink, Jack. Yes.
On no account will a commie ever drink water, and not without good reason.
Oh, ah, yes. I don't quite.. see what you're getting at, Jack.

Think John McCain wouldn't chunk off the lot of us if it'd get him elected president? Think again.
Taking the Wingnut Message to It's Logical End?

Thus let it be done...

I don't like to speculate, but I've got a bad feeling about this:

A gunman barged into the Arkansas Democratic Party headquarters Wednesday and shot the state party chairman three times, critically wounding him, authorities and party officials said.

Coming on the heels of the murders in Knoxville, I can't help but wonder if this is yet another example of someone going postal.

The suspect, who was either killed or committed suicide following a police pursuit, might also have threatened the building manager of the Arkansas State Baptist (Church) headquarters. That person made reference to losing his job.

Hmmm...there's the culture of violence we're reminded of daily in the newspapers: bombings in Pakistan and Kashmir, war and terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq, war in Georgia, terrorism and insurgency in Colombia, massacres, or, if you "prefer," genocide in Darfur. Then there's the sheer savagery of rhetoric from the likes of creeps like John Bolton...or Dick.Cheney, or Shrub himself, etc...then there's the stress and pain of economic displacement...

I'd guess all of those things could factor into or play a role in setting off any number of ticking time bombs of the kind that no one seems to give a damn about, because Jack Bauer can't "heroically" abuse or torture them...

And that doesn't even factor in the very, very real potential that returning veterans, suffering from the kind of PTSD that most of us can't grasp at all, might well snap. Others suffering similar symptoms have.

Like I said, I've got a bad feeling about this...and the possibility of similar outbursts or worse down the road...
This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Just Your Average Standard Bullies

It continues to amaze me--the Vacationer-in-Chief is either blind to the irony or just doesn't give a rat's ass...and then there are more sinister rumblings like this:

REP. LYNN WESTMORELAND (R), GEORGIA: [Nancy Pelosi's] elected by the San Francisco mentality. And I think most of the American people, no matter whether you live in Ohio, North Carolina, Minnesota, or Georgia, or wherever would understand that her constituency is a little left of where this country is.

Now, aside from the fact that several million people of ALL political persuasions live in the greater San Francisco metropolitan area (e.g., my aunt, who's an Ann Coulter affecionado, for one), and aside from the fact that "San Francisco mentality" or "San Francisco librul" or San Francisco whatever has become wingnut code speak (another e.g., asshole Woody Jenkins used it in trying to smear conservative Democrat Don Cazayoux during the recent special election), and aside from the fact that such language is slapping/spitting in the face of millions of American citizens who choose to live in and around San Francisco (oh, by the way: similar language was and is used to dismiss American citizens living in New Orleans), and aside from the fact that it reveals an inner, innate, ugly and primitive mentality...

Aside from ALL of that, the plain truth is that it's as clear and as pure an example of bullying as you're going to ever see. Democracy in America reduced to the level of junior high schoolyard.

Well...the one thing bullies can't handle is someone standing up to them. That's why it's so goddamned frustrating to watch the Democratic leadership--including Nancy Pelosi, for whom this should be both political AND personal (they're questioning her patriotism and loyality, for chrissakes)--anyway, that's why it's so frustrating to watch them lay down, over and over much as anything, Pelosi, et al, are enabling their behavior.

Sad to say, I worry that Obama's likewise enabling their behavior in refusing to call out John McCain or his pathetic little surrogates like Joe Lieberman. I fear that, even should he win, wingnuttia will feel emboldened to the extent that they'll sling mud--or worse--with impunity from the moment the oath of office is administered, which could cause plenty of headaches.

Unless something is done to check their childish antics. And, sad to say, the only thing they'd really understand is a sound dose of their own medicine.
Sections Redacted

I'll be the first to admit that I don't know how Helena-West Helena Arkansas can effectively deal with the sort of violence that's resulted in the police, the mayor, and the city council endorsing a 24 hour curfew in certain neighborhoods...a curfew that clearly violates the First and Fourth Amendments of the Constitution, and probably any number of statutes and judicial decisions.

However, the fact that it's gotten to that point speaks volumes, and not in a good way. To think that the wealthiest nation in recorded history has pockets of poverty every bit as desperate as, say, Honduras or El Salvador should astonish, and, honestly, shame us (is Cindy McCain "proud" of this desperation?) And while Helena-West Helena might be--for now--unique in accepting what Mayor James Valley describes as "some infringement on constitutional rights," something tells me the desperation isn't confined to dinky little towns in the Deep Fried South.

And then what happens?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's Paid Blood

Certified loon Michele Bachman insists Jesus took care of all our environmental concerns back in the, I guess there's no need to worry after all.
And Then He Yelled at a Cloud

I guess Liberman's just the latest wingnut to reveal his inner cretin.

And I hope the Rude Pundit's friend's observation is off the mark...although I just finished reading both Nixonland and The Last Campaign recently--wow, fascinating AND profoundly depressing--which makes me worry just a bit (and makes me even more furious at the asshole McCain/Rove strategery--oh, you just know they'd act all innocent, but pious, high and mighty if something DID happen. Creeps.)
Raking It In

Better yet, why bother the hard work yourself when you can have Brush Clearer in Chief gather it up for you?

Too bad about all those dead people, eh? Well, it's not like you have to go to funerals or anything like that...
Just a Regular Joe...With His Own Private Spa

So..where's the bowling trophy?

I wonder if the "Mexican-Tiled" patio was put in by actual Mexicans...wouldn't surprise me.

What DOES disappoint me, though, is Obama's weak response to McCain's charges of elitism. Yes, his latest ad was good, but LONG overdue.

Obama seems to think that he can win without having to go negative, which he no doubt considers distasteful, and of course there are other considerations (let's not kid ourselves--racism in the United States isn't merely present, but literally ROARS...indeed, my own mom forwarded to me, and evidently approves of, a supposed Pat Buchanan screed "to Obama" claiming that enslaved blacks should have thanked Jeebus for the opportunity to be uplifted and Christianized by massah...but instead bred a fatherless horde of supersized predators looking to savage the innocent flowers of Caucasian dignitude. Yes, Buchanan's rant, if he wrote it, was THAT ugly)...anyway, I digress.

Obama is in a delicate position, yes...but if he DOESN'T hit back, and hit back HARD, hit back regularly, and hit back IMMEDIATELY, he'll be branded/defined as weak by an already hostile media...don't believe the hype/nonsense about the media being "pro-Obama." I mean, geez: John McCain has demonstrated his ineptitude to such an extreme degree that even a semblance of fair coverage would result in his being laughed off the stage. Hullabaloo noted yesterday, sometimes you've got to get down in the mud and fight it out. No, it's not pretty, no it's not elegant, and yes, it could be dangerous...but it's got to be done.

Besides, I don't have the slightest doubt that some well placed, well timed shots at old Regular Joe would have him literally spitting with rage...and that's something even a media in his pocket couldn't ignore.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Brings Home the Gold Medal... the individual combined irrelevence, hypocrisy, and stupidity event.

Nice work, George--your own unwarranted aggression destroys any moral credibility we might have...and your trampling of the military means we can't back up our threats anyway...well, short of a fucking nuclear apocalypse.

Is that what you and your rapture addled base REALLY want? If so, you really are a bunch of loons...
Merci Pour Le Petrol

Increased drilling, in addition to increasing environmental risk, will likewise mean...increased exports, including exports to wingnuttia's favorite whipping garçon, France.

That's right, France. Big Oil and their paid agent John McCain will shout, pout, throw temper tantrums, stamp their feet, and do everything else...but in the end, it's the cheese eating surrender monkeys who'll be filling the tanks of their petit little Renaults and puttering around Paris, while we're left with the mess to clean.

Don't believe me? Take a look (scroll down)--ah, la joie de vie.

I agree with Hullabaloo that the whole "drill till we drop" rantings wafting forth from wingnuttia reek of teh stupid, and that trying to argue rationally against this sort of stupidity is about as useful as trying to talk sense to a crazy person engaged in intense self-jabbering at the bus stop. But Digby's right--sometimes you've got to get down into the mud and deal with them on their level.

Besides, it's true: France DOES import oil from the United States, and I'll bet the business relationship between the principles is quite cordial. Choke on that, whingnuts.

TPM points out the salient fact that McCain and Cheney are channeling each other's inner loon/strutting peacock in making aggression fantasy statements about the crisis in the Caucuses with scant regard for the might be expected from pampered, obscenely rich, old white guys (one of whom--McCain--employs a former paid lobbyist for Georgia. Big Time's presumably just scratching his perpetual itch for carnage.)

In addition, Robert Farley of LG&M is posting quite a bit as to the underlying causes, which, as you might expect, are a bit more complicated than the wingnut narrative of hyperactive babbling for more war, with scant regard for the consequences.

These are the sort of interesting times I could do without, to be honest.
Could Somebody PLEASE Make Sure Kristol is Taking His Medication?

There's really something deeply, deeply sick and twisted about the neo-cons and their endless fascination with the depravity and savagery of war...provided, of course, they're safely out of firing range.

Damned chickenhawks. And I could care less if they take umbrage--that's what they are: a bunch of ninnies who'd shit themselves repeatedly if ever forced to deal with the real consequences of their advocacy.