Friday, August 08, 2014

Friday Cat Blogging With Photoshop

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Sticking with the Dick's Downfall theme, since today is the anniversary of the resignation...actually, I dimly remember a honk-for-impeachment advocate on a Washington street during a trip I took there way back in 1973 as a child. No, my dad, driving the station wagon, didn't honk...despite our encouraging him...

Have a good weekend.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

In a Word

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Fucked...geez...I just keep thinking about how the global warming deniers all have the same, smug reaction Dubya did when all signs suggested Iraq was going to hell in a handbag with all due speed. Bring 'em on...which is what happened then, and is what's happening now. Yikes.

Note: Today's picture is not an original...apologies. But it fits...I found it at Crooks and Liars.

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

It Was 20 40 Years Ago Today This Week

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Should I call it Dick Week, 40 years on? Or Dick's Downfall? Sure, why not? It's my little corner of the internet...

Anyway, while the serious and (maybe) slightly less serious shows mark the milestone, I'll devote today's post to my favorite actor-as-Nixon (Philip Baker Hall merits a really close second)...and while this was truly inspired (and still makes me laugh) the lack of a transcript as well as the timing makes this more appropriate...and damn if Madeline Kahn isn't sorely missed.


Oh, apologies on the abrupt ending...for some reason the only videos I could find leave out the actual ending, where Kahn/Pat tells Dick to "throw another tape on the fire."

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Tell Us What You Really Think, Representative

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Ah, so now it's Alabama wingnut Mo Brooks' turn to figuratively block the schoolhouse entrance and loudly wail about a "war on whites"...oh, what am I thinking? They don't believe in public education anyway, unless it's a convenient excuse to field a football team.

Monday, August 04, 2014

The Not-So-Invisible Hand

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I don't think farmers should be deprived of their right to make a living, nor do I think we need to revert to a pre-Industrial Age level of energy consumption...but let's not pretend that actions don't have consequences.

However, on the flip side of the coin, and contrary to what con artists like Paul.Ryan say, making changes isn't some librul conspiracy, but might actually have real tangible benefits, both on an economic level...and as a matter of survival as a first world nation...