Friday, April 10, 2009

Half Day

As always, thanks for stopping by to those who choose to take a look--I've got a few things on my list for today, so I'm packing in a little early...have a nice holiday weekend. See you Monday.
It's a Grand Old Tradition
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Bachusism appears to be the new McCarthyism.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Maybe We Don't Mind a Little "European-Style Socialism" After All

Yeah, imagine the horror of not having to deal with lunatics on the highway...because you can travel on a high speed train.

Oh Yeah
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Must credit the two normal, ordinary Americans who exposed the lies--and the liars--for what they are.
Acorn From a Wingnut's Perspective

It was only late last summer when community organizers were derided as hopelessly inferior to important people like small town mayors; now Acorn has become the most dangerous thing to hit the planet since Godzilla.

Unfortunately, as dday points out, character assassination is all fun and games until someone really gets hurt. And wingers haven't exactly learned to not take themselves too seriously.
You Forgot Poland Jindal

The boy wonder didn't make Rush's latest shortlist. Interesting. (warning: link is to Lamebone's site.)

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Separated at Birth?

Silvio Berlusconi channels his inner Tom DeLay.
Somewhere, a Rodeo is Missing its Clown
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Link. Actually, the title is rodeo clowns, who actually perform a useful service.
Diaper Dave Endorses Tea-Bagging
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Oh, I'm sorry, I meant tea parties.
Cracking Open a Cold One for the Sake of the (Gret) Stet
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Beer--it does an economy good:

The beer industry contributes $2.58 billion a year to the Louisiana economy, according to a study commissioned by national industry groups.

The figure includes direct and indirect impact from brewers, beer importers and distributors, brewer suppliers and retailers.

By the way, and not that I'm complaining (it's better than no beer, wine, or spirits at all) the market for alcoholic beverages can hardly be called free. Just sayin'.
Your Free Press
From 2Millionth Web Log

To be sure, there are notable exceptions--thank heavens--but far too much of the major media is intellectually lazy and complacent, choosing myths over pretty easily verifiable facts. It's this same sort of laziness that fuels the mythology of Ronald Reagan, the mythology of the Vietnam War, the mythology of public opinion vis-a-vis "the culture wars," and so on.


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Leonard Pinth Garnell Would Be Proud

Welcome to "Bad Decisions Regarding Funding for the Arts:"

Quality of life and tourism could suffer dramatically if proposed cuts are approved that would "destroy the fabric of our arts community," said Derek Gordon, chief executive of the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge...

Total funding for the arts would shrink from $7.3 million to $3.2 million, according to Jindal’s budget proposals.

Gordon said for every $1 the state provides for the grants, it receives $6 in return. "The arts are a proven source of return on the dollar," he said.

Jindal wants to use $50 million to save 1,300 chicken processing jobs in northern Louisiana, Gordon noted. The programs funded by arts grants provide for 18,000 jobs in the state.
Broken Record
From 2Millionth Web Log

It'd be nice if this well of stupid would FINALLY go dry, that is, the wingnut whining about supposed cuts in the military be fair, Inhofe's very presence in the Senate is proof that some voters have more teeth than IQ points (and not much of either)...however, maybe being reduced to piteous wailing and gnashing of teeth over such a stale issue is a sign that the non-Oklahoman public might finally have had enough.

Well, one can hope.
Code Breaking, With Frank Gaffney
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I think Frank's getting his information from the radio know, the ones who implanted a chip in his brain.
I Know This Isn't Exactly News, But...
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Lamebone sure is one fat, stupid, narcissitic twit.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Um, Good News...I Guess

Automobile accident fatalities fell to their lowest level since 1961...but they're still the equivalent of a 9/11 casualty count...every month.

Amazing how the public can work themselves into a frenzy over a horrible act of terrorism, but shrug at carnage no less awful on the roads...and, crazier still, refuse to fund alternatives that might actually help reduce accidents, or, at the very least, cut down on traffic, making things a little less stressful for those who do choose to drive...

But that sort of thinking--you know, complex thoughts and all--is, I guess, a little too much for the wingnut brain to handle.
It Must've Been Hell...

Allen Stanford on the indignity of having to fly commercial.
The Paranoid Style in American Politics *

Co-starring Newt Gingrich, Dick, and the Fox Noise media chorus.

*--Richard Hofstadter sure did hit it on the nail, didn't he.
Double Dose of Stupid

They're barely even trying--this stuff will play to the nitwits and dittoheads (but I repeat myself), but I just can't imagine non-droolers falling for such tired tactics.