Friday, November 02, 2007

Actually, a New Beginning

By all means check out this Morse Classic Movies re-release...I think it might be a director's cut...
Dr. Ghouliani Will See You Now

I see you think it's time for the standard dose of fear, "doctor"...
Number One in the Nation

Maybe it's just me, but at a time when wildfires are ravaging the west, large swaths of the Southeast are in severe drought, a hurricane is plying its way up the Atlantic Coast, and the Gulf Coast is STILL reeling from the effects of the 2005 storms and federal just seems that stamping a veto on extensive water management legislation really is giving the finger to the nation as a whole.

Fortunately, it looks like the Decider will get out-voted and see his veto overridden by Congress. But still, the very fact of Shrub's action demonstrates--as if we needed further demonstration--his profound lack of qualification to hold office. Of course, that's just another day in Team Bush mendacity and incompetence.

It's instructive to contrast his "who cares" attitude with his petulance over any delay in appropriating billions to Halliburton (aka "the troops").
Giuliani's Claim: "Bogus Numbers Wrapped in an Invalid Comparison Embedded in a Smear"

And Mitt's No Better.

The above quotation is from Krugman's latest. As usual, it packs quite a punch, and points to not only Giuliani's habit of flat out lying through his teeth, but the media's refusal to focus on this...which means they're ignoring a defining charasteric of Rudy...and Mitt, for that matter:

But here’s what I don’t understand: Why isn’t Mr. Giuliani’s behavior here considered not just a case of bad policy analysis but a character issue?

For better or (mostly) for worse, political reporting is dominated by the search for the supposedly revealing incident, in which the candidate says or does something that reveals his true character. And this incident surely seems to fit the bill.

Leave aside the fact that Mr. Giuliani is simply lying about what the Democrats are proposing; after all, Mitt Romney is doing the same thing...

To be fair, there has been some news coverage of the prostate affair. But it’s only a tiny fraction of the coverage received by Hillary’s laugh and John Edwards’s haircut.

And much of the coverage seems weirdly diffident. Memo to editors: If a candidate says something completely false, it’s not "in dispute." It’s not the case that "Democrats say" they’re not advocating British-style socialized medicine; they aren’t.

The fact is that the prostate affair is part of a pattern: Mr. Giuliani has a habit of saying things, on issues that range from health care to national security, that are demonstrably untrue. And the American people have a right to know that.
Amazing What You Can Find Browsing Around the Internets...

Original here.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Day-Late Halloween Post

Wish I'd thought of this yesterday.

Somewhere in Texas, some time ago...
Taking Batshit Insanity and Fearmongering to New Heights

"It's either my way or the kitten gets it."

I tell you, it almost seems like we're an exceedingly small step away from Team Bush standing behind hostages in a grainy video.

Kucinich is right--we should be questioning this guy's sanity...
On Civil Society and Excessive Force

It's certainly instructive that, in London, the Metropolitan Police--the institution itself, that is--can be found guilty in a court of law for the reckless actions resulting in the death of a Brazilian national in 2005...but policy makers in this country can't even resolve the legal status of Blackwater "contractors."

To say this country is walking a fine line when it comes to rule of law is no exaggeration, unfortunately.
An Excellent Idea

Rising Hegemon links to a good suggestion for what George W. Bush should do upon leaving office--tend to the graves of those who've paid the ultimate price in his disgusting vanity war.

Or maybe he and Big Time can haul away debris stacked curbside in New Orleans--after all, their negligence is the reason why a lot of it exists in the first place.

You know, for most people, such a regimen would certainly amount to quite sobering realizations as well...but sad to say, I doubt seriously either Shrub or Big Time can think that deeply.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Stop Loss for Civilian Employees

After all, it's been such a hit with the military...
UPDATE: Juan Cole has more, and emphasizes the seriousness of the situation.
From The Department of Bad Puns...

The Texas Cheney-saw Massacre.
Compassion and Dick Cheney

Actually, at this point it wouldn't surprise me at all if Big Time really DID kick adorable little puppies for fun while Shrub guffawed in the background...
Manly, Yes...But DEFINITELY NOT Gay

Local Washington State Rep. Richard Curtis--GOP, of course--insists he's NOT gay, opting for the Larry Craig, um, position on such matters, no pun intended. (h/t YRHT).

Curtis is a "former Vancouver fire captain." No, I'm not making that up.

Now, if you'll excuse him, there's a restroom he needs to, um, inspect.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Just a Theory...

I guess Michael Mukasey might call it "gray waterboarding."

Something tells me the only wailing and gnashing of teeth over Eddie Jordan's resignation will come from those not indicted thanks to his ineptitude...and folks like Oyster needing a new Halloween costume (I dunno--maybe he could dress up as "the slutty bivalve" or something similar)...anyway...

To be truthful, I'm NOT in Mr. Jordan's district, so my experience with his administration, or lack thereof, is second-hand. Nonetheless, my second-hand education about him is quite educational, to say the least, as it provides instructive insight on the thought processes vis-a-vis wingnuts and adults.

Because I don't doubt that if Mr. Jordan had been a Republican...wingers would've blamed his problems...on Bill and Hillary Clinton.

*--If Only He'd Been A Republican (then he'd be thinking of a career at DOJ...or maybe State)
From the Recycle Bin

Sorry to reuse old photos, especially ones I just put together in a small collage only a couple of days ago, but it's been a busy one over here.

That said, reading this story about our vactioner in chief having the nerve to accuse Congress of wasting time pretty much forced my hand.

Dude, you might want to think about accusing ANYONE of "wasting time." Instead, thank whoever you want that Dick Cheney hasn't--yet--shot you in the face.
Big Time Wears His "X"

OK, technically he didn't wear it, but the VP certainly didn't object to the fact that his latest "outdoor adventure" was at a resort--in upstate New York, of all places--that proudly displays the Confederate Battle Standard.

At least he didn't shoot anyone in the face--this time--although in typical fashion, he blustered in with a fifteen "car" (my guess is gas-guzzling SUV) convoy to blast away at "farm-raised pheasants" in what amounts to a canned hunt...

Well, if nothing else, his standard operating procedure re: "hunting" probably explains why he thought Iraq would be a piece of cake...well, that and the fact that he doesn't actually have to do much of anything except grouse (no pun intended) about Halliburton getting its share of the loot.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Nuclear Nuance

So, Egypt has decided to join the "peaceful" nuclear club--as if there could be such a thing (I guess sort of like the "eat all the chocolate you want diet"):

...Mubarak also made clear there were strategic reasons for the program, calling secure sources of energy "an integral part of Egypt's national security system."

I'm sure it is. And, while I'm somewhat mature and accept the fact that a GWOT, as defined by wingnuts, is a ludicrous absurdity (making the loss in lives and money all the more appalling), the fact that Egypt is allowed to proceed with a nuclear declaration with a ho-hum response from the U.S. is proof positive that the wingers really DO have their heads up their collective asses. Again, not that you'd really accomplish anything in attempting this (besides turning the clock back several centuries in terms of economic development), but a 'military-first' strategy in the GWOT that ignores Egypt, that ignores Saudi Arabia, and that ignores Pakistan is NOT a 'military-first' strategy. Period.

The military opition, absent action in these three locations, is a sideshow. One that, sadly, has gotten a LOT of people killed while managing to accomplish less than nothing.

We might want to keep this in mind while Team Bush goes on rhetorically about Iran...
Basra: Sort of Like a Reverse Green Zone

The Coalition of the Willing opts for a cold dose of reality in Iraq's second largest city:

This year, 44 British soldiers have died as a result of Britain's operations in Iraq. Yet their commanders are now saying they got it wrong.

Rather than fight on, they have struck a deal -- or accommodation, as they describe it -- with the Shia militias that dominate the city, promising to stay out in return for assurances that they will not be attacked. Since withdrawing, the British have not set foot in the city and even have to ask for permission if they want to skirt the edges to get to the Iranian border on the other side.

Donald makes a run for the border.
Wingnut "Talent"

Late last night while relaxing--idly watching TV and knocking out a crossword puzzle from the Saturday paper--it hit me that conservative "creativity" is, well, anything but (maybe the clue: start from scratch--and answer: create--had something to do with it)...

Anyway, this morning, I couldn't help but notice a couple of photos from separate stories that really hammered the point home. First, no pun intended, from First Draft, is a post with a photo that goes a long way in countering the myth of the "Mississippi Miracle" post-Katrina (slightly modified):

Scout Prime also helpfully links to the Katrina Section of the Mississippi Sun Herald's website, in case anyone needs yet more proof.

You know, this myth, in addition to revealing the pure ugly behind professional hatemongers like Charles Krauthammer, does a huge disservice to, among others, the citizens of Mississippi, whom many will falsely believe have fully recovered.

What really struck me about the photo of what remains of Waveland's City Hall, though, is how much it looked like this photo taken in Sadiyah, Iraq (about 100 miles north of Baghdad)

Ruins are ruins, I guess. And ignoring destruction is ignoring destruction...

But, then again, speaking of destruction, in the train wreck sense of the term, well...