Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Cat Blogging

The workout edition.
Worrying About the Family Budget

Good thing he can still afford a decent pair of shoes and a bit of Starbucks now and again...

More seriously, I see that Hullabaloo and TPM are making the case for fighting fire with fire. You know, it's unfortunate that campaigns are decided on what amount to trivialities, but it's not as if the GOP doesn't deserve a strong dose of their own damned medicine...
"I'll Have My Staff Get to You"

Did he mean his domestic staff?
How Many? Perhaps the Shadow Joe Knows...

The lighter side of McCain's McMansions; for a more serious look click here.

Full disclosure/confession: my house count stops at "one," and even that's mortaged out the wazoo. It needs a few repairs I can't really afford right now. Last night I tried to pretend I couldn't remember how many houses I owned, but, nope, I kept remembering it was one, and that the next payment's due at the beginning of the month.

Oh, and I don't have a trophy wife or a 40 year old POW experience to blame it all on. And my income is WAY below $5 million dollars a year.

Gee, I guess I'm just a loser.

(h/t to my sister for pointing me to the house jokes)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Must See TV

Maybe TPM knows about Rising Tide, or maybe it's just a lucky coincidence. TPMtv posted their interview with John Barry from the Netroots Nation conference. Here it is:

For those on a slow connection or without the time, Barry makes the same point I've seen elsewhere as to the numerous inland cities that, thanks to New Orleans, have direct ocean access. Barry also has some additional anecdotes and observations--first, that the loss of land is the equivalent of losing territory the size of Delaware. If that land hadn't been lost, New Orleans wouldn't need levee protection to the extent that it does. Second, the loss is in no small part due to upstream dams (Barry doesn't note this, but the petrochemical infrastructure, probably the densest in the lower 48 states, also contributes significantly to coastal erosion, even as it provides at least a partial check/control on gasoline prices.) In other words, it's NOT just Louisiana's problem, but a national issue, affecting the national populace, and one that requies a national debate/conversation, and, presumably, some sort of national consensus.

And, to be fair, Barry also asserts that John McCain has at least publicly expressed a greater committment to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast than has Barack Obama. So, points for McCain, but recall it's HIS campaign that dismisses speeches as just so many words. And besides, Johnny Mac's latest defense of his caviar wishes and champagne dreams is apparently
McCain Spokesperson Responds to Houses Gaffe

Meet Brian Rogers:
Limbaugh: The Only Thing Negroes Can Do For Me Is Listen To My Show And Shine My Shoes

And to think Lamebone actually gets upset when people call him a racist.

Rush: calling you racist is like calling the pope Catholic.
Get Off My Lawn...Um, Lawns!

John McCain believes a man's homes are his castles...but I guess that isn't elitist, provided you're not quite sure how many castles you actually own...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Flying Below the Radar?

I hope so, although I'll admit--if it isn't already obvious--that I'm a little worried when John McFourMoreYearsofBush repeats, word-for-word, the standard Rethuglican script...if for no other reason than it's worked before, and the lazy media's always happy to recite the narrative yet again before waddling/plodding off to the nearest watering hole to get shitfaced.

That's how it works.

Obama, on the other hand, has always been an overachiever...and I wonder if he really doesn't quite comprehend the values of those who'd rather phone it in.

Still, stories like this, Obama's latest ads (one of which can be seen at a place called Eschaton--I'm sure he'll appreciate the hat tip/link)--give me some hope that they're ready to take off the gloves...while Giordano and DDay make the case that McCain's bark will, in the end, have no bite (although lord knows I wouldn't mind McCain's bluster coming back to bite him firmly and permanently on the posterior when it's all over. If nothing else, he's proven himself to be an utter creep, and, while a luxurious retirement is hardly true justice, I'd be willing to trade it for his permanent benching from public life.)
The Democratic Institutions...of Pakistan

Ray McGovern writes pretty much what I was thinking as he compares the events in Pakistan that culminated in Musharraf's resignation to avoid impeachment...while, in contrast, the United States' Congress renders itself impotent in countering the abuses of the Cheney-Bush administration:

It seems the height of irony that the relatively young and fragile democracy of Pakistan has been able to successfully exercise the power of impeachment inherited from the framers of the U.S. Constitution, while the constipated Conyers-captained congressional committee cannot.

Under Pakistan’s constitution, the country has a bicameral legislature with 100 senators and over 300 representatives in the National Assembly. The president is head of state and commander in chief of the armed forces. Sound familiar?

The difference is that, even though impeachment of a Pakistani president requires a two-thirds majority in the legislature, Pakistani lawmakers summoned the courage to check Musharraf’s unconstitutional accretion of power by using their constitutional power to impeach. And, facing almost certain impeachment, Musharraf resigned.

In sorry contrast to your Pakistani counterparts, John [Conyers], you have chickened out. Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?
Do We Really Want This Guy's Finger on the Button?

As the saying goes, I'm not questioning Senator McCain's patriotism...I'm questioning his judgement and stability. It's a well known fact that he'll fly off the handle at the slightest provacation...and now Mr.-Will-Say-Anything-To-Get-Elected is at least alluding to the real possibility of World War III--which I'm sure plays well with evangelical loonie/rapture types, but do we really want to play with this kind of fire? Violent, unstable rhetoric can portend violent, unstable actions, as we've seen with Cheney-Shrub. McCain promises more of the same...but on steroids.

And he's not exactly giving us much choice in the matter.
Moe, Larry & Curley Joe, Rudy, & Johnny

So, the McCain coronation will feature 9iu11ani as keynoter and Holy Joe as Sancho Panza...imagine if the Democratic convention presented such a feeble feature presentation.

Meanwhile, I don't think this is something to necessarily fret over; however, Team Obama needs to realize they're playing one-on-two, the media demonstrating their fealty to McCain in their refusal to dismiss his absolute batshit insane rantings as...batshit insane rantings. Yesterday Obama attempted some damage control, and while that's a start--and while, yes, it's beneath him to even have to consider countering McCain's dung bombs with a few well placed swipes of his own--the fact remains that politics, whether Barack Obama likes it or not, is a dirty game. Time to fight fire with fire, and it's not like John McCain's closet isn't literally bursting with skeletons.

Hell, it wouldn't even be that difficult: muddy the waters, let Johnny Mac publicly blow a gasket...I'd like to see the media try to dismiss that.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sweeping the Anthrax Under the Rug

I wonder when the truth will really come out.
William Kristol, the Alberto Gonzales of Op-Eds

Maybe the Times should hire a box of rocks...
Offshore Snakeoil Platform

"Cures your rheumatism and makes for an excellent fuel additive."

This is a prime example of the sort of puerile horseshit that even Jack Cafferty can see through: John McCain abjectly and cravenly willing to spew THE most idiotic of lies in the hopes he can hoodwink the media and a sufficient number of morons to apply the ultimate ego salve in the form of votes and high office.

It just doesn't get more craven. McCain KNOWS he's full of shit: you can see it in his sick smile and his I'm-lying-through-my-remaining-teeth eye-batting. What he's hoping for is that, like with Dubya, an ultra-compliant press corpse will factor enough built-in credibility from the office itself to at least let him pretend to be legitimate. Because if he honestly believes his rhetoric (and he DOESN'T), then he's just too plain goddamned stupid to even be allowed to take the oath of office.

What the hell does he think? That offshore platforms grow on trees--or maybe that they build themselves? Good grief. Add in the fact that the Gulf of Mexico--in its entirety--is vulnerable to tropical weather systems. And if Senator McCain doesn't understand the logistics in building infrastructure, how the hell does he expect us to believe he has a clue as to maintaining it...or restoring, in the event of a repeat of 2005, or worse.

Oh, and press corpse--you're welcome to borrow any or all of my observations, and ASK the senator to flesh out his plans...that is, if you're not too chicken to do so.
There are VP Picks...

...and then there are VP pricks.

I still remember Holy Joe giving one away to Dick Cheney. During their 2000 debate (on Larry King, if I remember right), Big Time made the astounding claim that "the government had nothing to do with" the pile of money he made...running Halliburton.

Anyone but Lieberman would've knocked that out of the park...but Joe was so far in the tank that surfacing would've given him a case of the bends.


But, Good Lord, I'd love it if McCain made him a VP prick for a second go round. Oh please, oh please, oh please. A Grumpy Old Men ticket...

(sorry for the late start today--it's been a busy morning)

Monday, August 18, 2008

On the Reading List

Billmon examines the crisis in Georgia.
Just a Couple of Average Guys

So, you aren't rich unless you're pulling in $5 million dollars or so a year--which I guess means Barack Obama isn't "elitist" at all, but virtually a goddamned pauper.

And if you think the media will pick up this story--a fellow Vietnam War POW explaining why he won't vote for His McHotheadedness--well, then you don't know how quickly, rapidly, and thoroughly the corporate media can dig a hole and bury a story...the Gambino family would be envious.

And, just once I'd like to see someone like Johnny Mac actually have to put up or shut up when it comes to their smirking remarks about "activist judges" "legislating from the bench." Oh yeah? Name me ONE case where Souter, Breyer, Ginsburg, or Stevens has done that. One case.

Because I can name a case where Fat Tony Scalia has.

Man, I'd like to see McCain squirm around on that...
From "Busharraf" to "Nixsharraf"

We won't have Pervez to kick around anymore.
He's the McEggman

Seriously, Johnny Mac's either dazed and confused, addled...or so deeply cynical and willing to lie through his long-in-the-tooth teeth, that he makes The Walrus seem like a staid little pop song in comparison.

Oh, and as far as the debate...didn't catch it, didn't even read about it till this morning...and I'll bet most of the public didn't pay it much mind either. Might as well be the preseason.