Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Cat Blogging With Photoshop--Historic Edition
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Do not disturb.
Fat, Addicted to Drugs, AND Stupid

Rush is what else is new?
The Company, Formerly Known as Blackwater
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Changing the name won't change the taint. Stink that bad sticks to you.
Diaper Dave Betting on Failure
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According to Vitter, the GOP is basically betting the farm that the stimulus package is going to fail, and the party wants Democrats to go down with it. "Our next goal is to make President Obama and liberal Democrats in Congress own it completely," he said. Instead of coming up with serious measures to save the economy, the party intends to devote its time to an "we told you so" agenda that will include GOP-only hearings on the bill's impact in the coming months to highlight the bill's purportedly wasteful elements and shortcomings.

Maybe it's just me, but when the public faces of your organization are Diaper Dave, Sarah Palin, and Drugged Limbaugh, calling it 'scraping the bottom' might be a bit generous.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

On Bipartisanship

Elections have 365-173, 59-41 (once Norm Coleman funishes with his extended hissy fit/tantrum, or 255-178.

Fuck Judd Gregg. Good that he's gone.

And Republicans will just have to live with the fact that the people have spoken, and don't want your sorry asses running things into the ground anymore. Deal with it.
Bring It On
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If they're not guilty of anything, then they shouldn't have anything to hide.
Shorter Lindsey Graham
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I have no principles to rise above.
The Evolution of Moran
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Benen links to an LA Times article editorial that makes an important point--modern medicine is predicated upon a thorough understanding of evolution...a point lost on the mouth breathers...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Land of the Free Incarcerated...
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The United States...prison nation.
Bobby's Grand Debut
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The governor will deliver the official Rethug response to President Obama's address to a joint session of Congress.
Our Fate is Your Fate, an Ongoing Series
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Missed this article from the other day about the boom-gone-bust in a Florida exurb until I came across it via several of the big blogs (the actual link is from here.)

I was struck at how the picture above resembled large swaths of the Lower 9th Ward post-flood...and the article notes the similarities are more than visual (crime problems, poverty, lack of work, etc.) And you can thank the same Bush administration--they mismanaged the response to the flood in 2005, and they blew up the economy on their way out the door.

Well, hope you enjoyed the entertainment/diversion.
Is There a Letter Grade Below "F"?
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I've been seeing this more and more lately, either flat out lying or undiluted stupid amongst the wingers, and in particular their new assertion that FDR CAUSED the Great Depression...

Add anger to the ignorance, and it's a pretty awful mix.

Is this what we really want as a society?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

East Texas Welcomes You...
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Well, unless you're a liberal and maybe an atheist.
McConnell Warns of US Becoming "Western European" Dystopia
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Imagine the horror.
The Ghost of Gannon Past
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Whom Ari thinks isn't an oddball is more significant than who he thinks is one.
Wingnuttery, Fred Barnes Style
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Global warming doesn't exist because it's been cold this winter.

Monday, February 09, 2009

More Legacy
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From Iraq to Pakistan.

Foreign Policy Fail.
Whoring in More Ways Than One
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Diaper Dave made an ass of himself--again--with a staged and choreographed hissy fit over a non-issue...a hissy fit that underscores his profound cynicism and anti-democratic tendencies.

Sad to say, it might actually work as a reelection tactic...though not because Vitter's particularly "brilliant," in the words of Clancy DuBos. Vitter's the embodiment of "Ignorance is Strength." And yes, if faced with a choice between Diaper Dave and "Adult Entertainer" Stormy, well...I've long since reached the age of majority.
An Assault on Common Decency
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This, which I'm sure you've seen, is straight out of the "you've gotta be fucking kidding" department, even with the obligatory paragraph or two about how we poor, unwashed masses might be less than sympathetic as to the plight of fat cats.

No. Shit.
Just Saying...

If this is what you look like, using "porkulus" as a descriptive isn't exactly a good idea.