Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just a Thought
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Friday, September 26, 2008

Let the Spin Begin

From everything I've seen, it looks like Conventional Idiocy Wisdom is willing to give this one to Johnny Mac, in no small part because the bar wasn't so much set low as buried. So, McCain showed up, and wasn't visibly drooling...ergo, he exceeds expectations.

He still looked like a dour and pretty creepy old quote or at least paraphrase Hunter Thompson, like a farmer with terminal cancer trying to borrow money on next year's crop. But the media seems willing to give him this one. Wonder if they'll likewise give Palin a victory if she manages to avoid babbling. We'll see.

As for Obama--he still knows more than me, so...yeah, I would've liked to see him be a bit more aggressive. But he's in an impossible position--too aggressive, and he's an angry black man, not aggressive enough, and...he's a Democrat.


Give-em-Hell, Obama

OK, just tell the truth about them and they'll think it's hell.

Meanwhile, looks like McDrama Queen's ready to pat himself on the back before he dodges even a single question.

McDrama Queen

He's decided he's ready for his closeup after all.
Plus ça Change

Shorter wingnuttia: it's the coloreds' fault.

From Greenwald and Hullabaloo.
GOP Unveils Their Bailout Plan

As you can see, it empowers people--they'll be able to own their own businesses and homes.

And the McCain-Palin ticket can make it a reality.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Heckuva Job, Bushie

You let the biggest asshole on the planet play you for the chump you are...and we have to pay for the consequences.

Marching to the beat of a different drummer.

It seems that for McCain, "suspending the campaign" really means "continuing the campaign but milking as much free press as possible out of the 'suspending my campaign' announcement."

Before long, McCain will be denying he ever spoke in front of a lime green background.
The Hapsbush Dynasty

Glenn Greenwald interviews Hullabaloo/Digby:

D: Well in some ways, it's actually feudalism. You find this: that we're operating as the country, the taxpayers operating as the serfs for the aristocracy, and basically our job is to prop them up when they need propping up, and to buy their products when they tell us they want to sell it to us. We've had this -- I think a lot of this goes back to -- I've written quite a bit about this, there's a certain heroic Randian myth in America over the last 25 years or so. You see it today; I just wrote a thing about Chris Matthews yesterday talking about King Henry, King Henry Paulson, who is going to come along and save us. Where this heroic capitalist is, we must allow him unfettered freedom, to do what he does, because we all benefit from it. It's important that we do it. And when the heroic capitalist fails, it's our job to support him, because essentially, in the Randian myth, we're parasites on these guys, we are existing only because of the great work that they do. You always hear Republicans talking about how they're the most productive members of society so...

GG: Right.

D: ...they shouldn't be penalized for their...

GG: No, that is the premise, that we can't allow them to fail because our minimal prosperity depends upon on their fantastical wealth. And the worst thing that can ever happen is that they suffer, because if they suffer, we too suffer, and therefore our priority ought to be to make sure that they're protected at all costs. That is the twisted economic philosophy that is being invoked and as you say it's grounded in this mythology.

One of the things that I find creepiest, and we both wrote about this actually, you wrote about it yesterday in the context of that horrific discussion that Chris Matthews had with Richard Wolfe of Newsweek, and was it, Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Tribune, and I wrote about it this morning in the context of the David Brooks column, which is even more overt, and basically, what they, what our political class fears more than anything else, is the involvement on the part of the masses in how we end up being governed. And what they really do believe is that there's this tiny handful of supermen, who have this towering wisdom, and this unimpeachable integrity, who ought to be vested really with what is authoritarian or monarchical power and then we will rely upon what David Brooks called their public-spiritedness, to rule over us as a benevolent oligarchy. That really is their core premise, whether they realize that or not.

It would be one thing if the oligarchs that were being recruited were truly talented and trustworthy people -- there would still be profound anti-democratic problems with that, but at least then it would have some pragmatic chance of success -- but the people that they're talking about vesting this dictatorial power in are the exact people who have been plundering the Treasury...

Here's the complete transcript.
Palin: All Alaska Airspace Are Belong to Putin

Or something like that.

Calling her Governor Moonbeam would be an moonbeams.
Busy Morning

That said, I did post over at First Draft, and am still very apreciative that Athenae invited me to guest post on Thursdays...

I'll be back here later today.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our Fate is Your Fate, an Ongoing Series

See First Draft.
The Urgent Crisis Can Wait--Can't You See the Senator is Dining with Lady de Rothschild?

Real man of the people, that Senator McCain.
Bravely He is Throwing in the Sponge

He is packing it in and packing it up, and sneaking away and buggering up...

John McCain--he's no multitasker.

Credit Where It's Due

I'm impressed that Rick Davis can manage to head to the hills while sticking to the low road. That can't be easy, but, then again, I guess it takes an absolute zero degree of personal morality and professional ethics just to BE Rick Davis.
The Other Bush Meltdown

While the financial crisis gets the headlines, the situation in Afghanistan is, at best, grim...

But you won't be hearing about it...because Team Bush has decided to keep the report classified, which is their way of dealing with policy embarrassments.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Sleazier than a three card monte to leap on the phones and lie at the drop of a dime...

Update: Still going--sort of like a demented Energizer Bunny.

And apologies for the low quality graphic. As I said, it was a busy day.
Welfare Kings

I see being reduced to begging hasn't made them any less greedy.
Good Point

Bob Herbert's latest op-ed is about the economic crisis, but he takes time to note the following:

Have you ever seen a president who was more irrelevant than George W. Bush is right now?


Not even Reagan at the end of his term, when in retrospect he was clearly affected by Alzheimer's, seemed as utterly out of it.

Of course, Shrub's sidelined in no small part because he's the kiss of death for Rethug electoral hopes. But that just hammers home his complete repudiation even more. Small solace, to be sure, although I guess that's better than no solace.
Government Of, By, and For the Pigs at the Trough

As I said in comments over at YRHT the other day, paraphrasing A.J. Liebling, government of, by and for the people apparently applies to those who own it.

Two things: first, the wingnut howler monkeys are grumbling, but at nowhere near the shrill they displayed for the in-comparison puny emergency stipends distributed to disaster victims (which, incidently, end up providing at least a temporary boost in whatever local economy disaster victims find themselves), and second, could anyone imagine the eardrum-if-not-glass-shattering shrieks they'd be making if this crisis occurred under a Democratic president's watch? I don't doubt for a second the Rethugs would have already initiated impeachment hearings...but the media is so thoroughly skewed (if not screwed) righward that a complete revamping and utter repudiation of roughly thirty years of fundamental policy is greeted with a ho-hum if this were merely another political talking point.

We are certainly living in interesting times...though I sure as hell hope interesting doesn't morph into "dire."
Busy Morning

In fact a busy couple of days (am testing disaster recovery software.) Back later.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Scorched Earth Strategery

If the stakes weren't so high, it would almost be amusing to watch the Emm-Ess-Emm get told exactly where and how deep they can stick it.

All that sucking up in the interest of "fairness," and what do they have to show for it? Pretty much what we taxpayers will have once the bailout is finalized--a shitpile.

So, a nice big fuck you to the Ron Fourniers of this world...and a "gee, you were expecting something different?" to the rest of the media whores who got played like a cheap harmonica by "the maverick." Way to go.
The MBA President

Again, considering his record as a "businessman," why is anyone surprised that Shrub's stumbling and staggering to the finish line?

Perhaps the only thing that IS surprising is that the shitpile is hitting the fan right now, instead of after the election or inauguaration. Maybe there are some things beyond their control (on the flip side, though, is the shrill insistence that Paulson be given carte blanche authority over $700 billion dollars. Hmmm.)

I still wonder how future historians will interpret or explain these times of stupidity demanding the right to govern.
Bush Demands Cat 5 Protection NOW--For Wall Street

Because, after all, even the flimsiest of golden parachutes are still golden.

Think about it: Dipshit-in-Chief is demanding quick action on proposed outlays that FAR exceed even the most extensive plans for, say, coastal restoration or infrastructure maintenence/ to fix HIS epic screw-up.

That sort of hubris needs to be smacked down.