Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Cat Blogging With Photoshop
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Let's put Tigger at Liuzza's By The Track...that said, finances and other things are putting off my annual visit to the Fairgrounds by a other thing being a surprisingly strong Blues Festival right here in Red Stick not five minutes or so from my humble abode, and even less of a burden on my wallet.

Then there's Festival International in Lafayette, also a free show, and one that's getting VERY and degree of hangover will determine my Sunday schedule.

Oh, and check out the official poster, designed very talented sister. A bargain, if you ask me.

And, of course, the BIG festival in the city has a second weekend, and, if all works out, I'll be there the last Sunday, and perhaps the Saturday prior. We'll see.

Anyway...enjoy your weekend, wherever you are.
Time For Some Behavior Adjustment
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What strikes me the most about this exchange between Al Gore and Marsha Blackburn (video here) is the sheer smug snottiness displayed by the representative. There's not even a measure of professional courtesy or collegiality that one might expect, given Mr. Gore's personal background as Senator and Vice-President. Instead, Blackburn adopts a posture and tone that pretty much any sane individual would consider well beyond annoying.

Then again, sanity and wingnuttery don't intersect...
It's Pat!
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Shorter Pat Buchanan: if only 'those people' knew their proper place.
Bananaland, USA
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Of course, Rove's probably doing what he does best--flat out lying through his teeth--but if he actually believes what he's saying, Karl might want to learn what the term "Banana Republic" (and not the fashion brand name) actually means.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Collateral Damage
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Conservative figures put the number of dead in Team Bush's Iraq war is almost 90,000 since 2005 and over 110,000 since the beginning. Plus almost eighty more today.

And they tortured people to fabricate a non-existent Iraq-Al Qaeda link...and when that didn't work, they trotted out another phony excuse.

That's a lot of blood on our hands...
Board of Regents Says No Thanks to Glocktower
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Yeah, bad pun, and not-so-good Photoshopping as well, but this is a relief:

The state's top higher education board is opposing a proposal to allow concealed handguns on Louisiana's college campuses.

Arguing in favor of concealed handguns on campus is truly absurd as invoking the ticking time bomb scenario to justify terrorism.
Joe Barton Explains Where Oil Comes From
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Doug Feith has plenty of company.
Another Mission Accomplished?
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So Dick's strategery is to debate the efficacy of torture instead of the morality. You know, that might work with those who are already objectively pro torture, but it's not exactly a winning argument.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

And Just Who is Calling Whom Socialist?
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Funny how Team Bush adopted interrogation methods that would've been right at home in the USSR or Red China.
Red Stick Hydroelectric?
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A federal regulatory agency is holding meetings in seven cities, including Baton Rouge, on a plan to harness the flow of the Mississippi River to generate electricity from St. Louis to New Orleans.

Free Flow Power Corp. of Gloucester, Mass., wants to place 180,000 small turbines in the Mississippi River below navigational channels to generate as much as 1,800 megawatts of power.

Obviously this is just a start--if nothing else, there will be the need for extensive environmental impact studies...and then you've got to design equipment that can handle river conditions...still, I hope this shows some promise.
Your Louisiana Legislature
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Nothing quite like making mouth breathers lawmakers.
Where Waterboarding Meets Stovepiping
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McClatchey confirms Dick's motives. You know, the fact that waterboarding produces FALSE confessions might have been a feature, not a bug, for George and Dick. Fuckers.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wonder What Took Them So Long...
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It's a knee-jerk reaction with wingnuts...
Shorter Marc Thiessen
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Muslim terrorists want to be waterboarded.
That's Quite the Lineup
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Steve Benen:

It's ... a reminder that arguably the three most prominent voices in Republican politics today are Limbaugh, Cheney, and Gingrich.
Somewhere, There's a Secure, Undisclosed Location Sewer...
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...that's missing its Dick Cheney.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Kiss the Ring
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...and beg for forgiveness from your Lamebone overlord. Seems to be a real trend these days.
Luck of the Irish...Not So Much
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Crybaby Newt
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Jeebus, but the 'nuts really are acting like petulant, whiny, snot-nosed, rat-bastard, spoiled little brats. You've gotta wonder if, deep down, they don't still believe that the world goes away if they close their eyes really, really tight.

Is there any element of the wingnut "philosophy" of infantile selfishness that doesn't have, at its core, a desire to blow things up?
Bipartisanship, Inside the Beltway Style
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Tells us a lot about how our political discourse works...